Monday, May 16, 2011

One Of Those Days…

You know the ones. Where there’s not much to really talk about and we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary over the weekend. I guess I  just have to rely on the old stand by… A Smatterin’ of Crap!

I have bought and read the latest Sookie Stackhouse Novel, Dead Reckoning. It ended with a lot of loose ends so I know there will be more to come.

I finished the latest House of Night too. Awakened. Good but again loose ends.

We went bowling Saturday night. We couldn’t get in the bowling alley becuz it was closed for a wedding.

Let that soak in. Bowling Alley. Wedding.



I bowled a great game and beat Roy by 7 pins and then I lost my mojo and could get anything!! 78, 86, 55!!!

Please!! 55!!

And then the last two games I scored a 150 and 136!! What the Hell!! I can’t figure it out.

After bowlin’ til near midnight, we went to HellMart to get some groceries. Do you know that the weirdest people shop at HellMart at midnight?? It was a mixed bag of stoners and partiers with a touch of late night dads out to get some milk and bread.

And me and Roy.

And only 1 lane open.

Seriously. One lane. With about 15 people standin’ around!!

Roy has been workin’ diligently on the pool for the last 2 weekends. And has it just about ready to go. We need to take a water sample to the PoolPeople to make sure it’s doesn’t need more Shock or extra stuff. The weather has turned cooler so he’s in no big hurry to swim.

And that’s all the news… if you consider it news… fit to print.


Impulsive Addict said...

A 55 is a decent score for me when I bowl. I've only been in the 90's a few times and I felt like a rock star!


Ixy said...

Um. Don't want to be a total snob, but really? Every little girl dreams of getting married in a bowling alley!