Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Husbands, Wives, And Pet Turtles…

A couple of weeks ago, Roy holler’d for me to come see what he had found and “Bring the Camera!!” I am hopin’ it’s not a half eaten dead rat. The outdoor cats like to leave them by the back door for us to see that they are doing “their thing”.



IMG_3337An Alligator Snapping Turtle.

And not very old.

Found out by the pool… Thank All That is Good and Holy that is an above ground pool!!

He’s now lives in my livin’ room. I’m not thrilled. Roy has always wanted to have one as a pet. He’s brought home others in the past but they were too big and already pretty aggressive. So he’s just let them go… which probably why I had one by the pool!!

IMG_3348 He eats worms and minnows… that live in a fish bowl in the middle of my kitchen table. And the worms are in the fridge! I really not thrilled!!


It’s pay back for the time I raised baby opossums… Read Up: Furry Creatures 1, FC2, & Furry Creatures Chapter 3.

This Turtle… I refuse to touch it. I do not feed it. I do not change it’s water. But I have saved it’s life… a couple of times. It the mother in me that made me do it.The silly thing gets stuck in the rocks and can’t move! I have to get the tweezer thingies and push him around or move a rock a bit for him to be able to get his own self out. He hasn’t offered to bite Roy… Yet! But that day is comin’! He snapped at the tweezer thingies even though they help him!!

Do you realize how big an alligator snappin’ turtle gets???



Just like my opossums, that thing has to go by the time we cruise!!


Pattie said...

Jesus H. Christ! Get rid of it NOW! While hubs is gone or in the shower say it escaped and threatened you in the kitchen then broke down the door and fled!

Lin said...

Holy hell they get huge! My husband is a huge tortoise fan, he bought a dessert tortoise 2 year ago and it's supposed to be one that stays smaller than 8 inches but that thing is growing fast so we'll see.

I laughed when you said you wont touch it! I wont touch our tortoise either even though it's not a biter. I'm just scared of it I guess.