Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Follow-Up…

A lot of comments were about cussin’… we all do it. And some of us learn the hard way to NOT CUSS in FRONT of CHILDREN.

The DiscriminatingDiva said her grandson repeats everything she says…

Well. Have I got something to tell you.

EarlLee used to work at HellMart when the girls were little. It was a HellMart in a small town so all the employees knew each other and their families. And it was no big deal for the girls to go off to the toy section without me. I wasn’t worried that someone would steal them… everyone knew who those girls belonged to…

When we moved to the big city, our local HellMart was HUGE!!!! But to the girls, it was HellMart and didn’t think a thing about runnin’ to the toy section. And I didn’t realize how quick those little boogers were either, until I heard my name being paged to “Come Pick My Children In Sporting Goods”. They had got lost on the way to the toys… it wasn’t in the same spot like in the small HellMart.

So from that point on, I made them keep at least one hand on the shoppin’ cart AT. ALL. TIMES.

Except EudoraMae. She seemed to think that that Law of Nadine’s World didn’t apply to her. She was always slippin’ away only for EdithAnne to tell her, “Moooooom! She’s gone again!”

Well, this one particular day, EdithAnne took it upon herself to get EudoraMae in line. In her loudest outdoor voice, she holler’d at her sister, “EudoraMae, Quit Your Dickin’ Around and Get Over Here!!!”

Everyone in the area turned to see which parents had taught such a beautiful child to utter the vile word of DICK and looked at me and EarlLee.

I bit my lip to keep from laughin’.

But EarlLee, He went all 850 shades of pink and melted into a puddle of shame right there in Hellmart. And just before his mouth seeped into a crack in the tiles, he said to me, “THIS YOUR FAULT!”

Guilty as Charged.


Billie said...

If I swear, my kids get after me. Thankfully they haven't picked up my bad habits although they have some of their own.

When an inappropriate word is said in my household (it doesn't have to be a swear word), 5 cents gets put in the bucket. That reminds me... Piero owes the bucket 5 cents.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Hahaha!!! I think something like that might have happened when my kids were little. But happily I've forgotten it.