Monday, May 02, 2011

Ball Spin, Control, And Old Dudes…

After I had my Sonic Vanilla DrPepper and calmed down after my MommaDrama, I shopped for garden plants. Then I drove to the Bowlin’ Alley. I got my Zen on and now I’m gonna practice in peace.

So I thought.

As I walk thru the Bowlin’ Alley, I noticed that there were lots of little old men… much older that Roy. Now I don’t really think of That Age Group of Men as a threat… sexually. I just don’t. They’re like my Grandpa’s age… I respect my elders. That’s the way I was taught. I’m too trustin’… Roy says so.

As I was bowlin’, I managed to leave a split in the pins. That’s a tough spare to pick up! This old dude that was watchin’ me, walks up behind me, and quietly says, “I can pick up that split.”


Was he talkin’ about the pins or me???

I smile and tell him something like, “that’s what my husband tells me.” and chattered away like a dumb blonde about bowlin’.

He just smiled and nodded, chit chatted back and then walked away to join the rest of the old dudes.

But I kept my eye on my surroundin’s! I was the only one at my end.

A little while later, he comes back. “You’ve got a good spin on the ball but you need to keep practicin’ to get more control.”

Okay Creepy. He’s been watchin’ me!

I text that tidbit of info to Roy. He didn’t respond. Yet.

I bowled 3 games and went home. As I was drivin’ home, Roy finally text me back, “Are you still bowlin’?”

He was worried. “Spin on the ball! He’d like to take you for a spin!”

I will not be goin’ back to bowl on OldDudeThursdays!!

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