Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well Sister! Pull Up A Chair!!!

I’ve been on the rag, so I haven’t felt too great. It has something to do with that huge tumor in my uterus, so I’ve been layin’ around the house… about 4 days. And when I woke up Thursday mornin’, I felt like getting’ outta the house. I knew that my favorite resale shop was havin’ a fantastic sale… 50-70% off!! So I put on my big hair and my girl face for a day of shoppin’… I even threw in my bowlin’ ball to get in some practice. I had a good attitude and was feelin’ pretty damn good!!

I had text MizAngie Boomer Sooner to get a rise outta her… She’s a Texas Aggie and I knew that would brighten her day… she called me a bitch. I just love her.

My niece text me she loved me… and we picked at each other back and forth.

I was havin’ a really good day.

At the resale shop, I found a couple of dress that if I was a teeny weeny girl Ida but them! So cute! Little black dress with a fox fur trim around the bottom and a teal dress with a black tulle overlay… just a knock out dress! But alas there was no way I could get my big ass in a size 4!!

I had picked out 2 pair of Keds… never been worn! Both pair for under $10. I was so happy!! I was textin’ Kiki back and forth about the dresses and lookin’ thru the purses when the shit hit the fan!

My mom text me. “RubyJune is tellin’ people that I’m on drugs….you need get this stopped and stop it now”

Here we go again!! The Bullshit and Drama that is my mother.

I tried to handle her like I was do… like an adult. I don’t ever call her names. I don’t get tacky. I just tell her facts that I know and what’s lies and what’s the truth…. and she’s like talkin’ to a 5 year old.

First of all, RubyJune has taken the stance that her mother is dead. She doesn’t want anything to do with her and has no desire to talk about her, good or bad. Other people talk about Mom not RubyJune! And you know small towns… people gossip!!

Secondly, my mother has made bad choices and has surrounded herself with poisonous people that thrive on pickin’ at RubyJune and my nieces. And she condones it!

So after 15 texts back and forth… scarin’ every lady in the store that was shoppin’ becuz my phone was “Woo- Hoo’n” every 10 seconds, my head was just spinnin’!! I had to leave, I was scarin’ the ladies! I paid for what I had found and left to finish this argument in the car.  I finally told her she needed to get over it! She is so preoccupied with who started the fight and who’s on her side like it’s a game! She’s fucked up her children’s lives and she acts like it’s a game!! And me tellin’ her to get over it… was all it took to make her go away!

“Maybe time you and her to get over it… that all… I have nothing else to say to her or you.” she said.

I practically jumped up and down with joy over that comment!!

And I sent her: “I am over it and have been for quite some time but you drug me into this this am. And it doesn’t hurt my feeling if you don’t ever speak to me.”

Seriously. Leave me alone! You realize she’s the reason I developed the shingle last winter.

I called Roy to vent! Went and got a Vanilla DrPepper at the Sonic to calm down.

By the end of the day, she had managed to make all her grandkids either mad or cryin’ from hurt feelin’s becuz of her “tryin’ to get to the bottom of all this.” … It’s just sad.

Sorry, it’s not always shit and giggles around here.


MizAngie said...

Sure would be borin' without your MamaDrama. Ha!

I've been thinkin' about maybe postin' sompn on yer Wall about BOWLING, Ms Boomer Sooner. Hahahaha!

Pattie said...

Hey, our casino has Wed. nite specials on crab legs, too. I also love crab legs.
I swear way too much, too. And my hubby never swears! Go figure. 8>)