Monday, April 11, 2011


All I need is encouragement to Vlog.

That man on the motorcycle behind me… Roy. I was filmin’ him from the rear view mirror. And I know that if he saw what I was doin’… He’d ground me. Again.

Probably take away my camera.

The other day, when he wanted me to mow, and I walked out there with my cell phone in hand, textin’ away, he said, “Oh No! You can’t text and mow! You take that right now back in the house!!”

I didn’t.

He took my keys from me once. But I deserved it. I backed into a Brand Spankin’ New Car!!! I felt soooo bad for that owner!! Sure it was icky white compact Ford but it still had the sticker in the window. And you know when you work so hard to buy something and then some dumb blonde backs into it… you tend to freak!

I have trouble backin’… That new car wasn’t the first thing I’ve backed into… a U-Haul Truck! Mailboxes! Trees! Gas Meters!

I’ve been lucky though… I’ve never damaged anything but my pride.

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Lin said...

Bwahaha...last year I backed straight into my dad's new car. I blamed him for parking directly in my blind spot. Nevermind the fact that I neglected to look back :)