Thursday, April 21, 2011

Runnin’ Bear, Little White Dove, And Pregnant Horses…

One day as Roy and I were drivin’ to the gym I was flippin’ thru my dream book to gain some insight into my latest dream… I was gonna take a horse to a friend’s house that lives north of us so my daddy was saddlin’ up my mare which is cream and white, and Daddy said, “take care of the mare. She’s pregnant.” And I wake up.
Everything in a dream is a symbol… North… Daddy… Horses… Even the color of the horse… And the fact that she was pregnant.
White Horses are a good omen. Daddy is my protector… always was. I’m a little freaked out about my horse being pregnant!
And that’s supposed to be a good thing??
Going North… I am seekin’ to correct my life. And I have a lack of intimacy… again… horny!
So I’m tellin’ all this to Roy and he giggles but says, “well you do have a huge tumor in your uterus.”

So Daddy is tellin’ me to take care of it and I’ll correct my life… easy peasy!

Roy says, “Let me tell you about my dream!”
Sure go ahead!
“Well, I was searchin’ for you down by the river. And I found you in a canoe…”
I don’t do canoes… must be a nightmare.
“…with a young good lookin’ Indian with long black hair down to his waist and you were fuckin’ his brains out!”
It’s just what I want! Runnin’ Bear and Little White Dove!!
Le Sigh...
“And I call out to you, ‘what are you doin’? and you sit up and say, ‘But I’m So Horny!”

I laughed the rest of way to the gym!!


Lin said...

Bwuahahaha...he has some strange, yet fun dreams.

Tracie said...