Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Old Men, Vanity Plates, And Tag Offices…

The other day, I changed my Facebook profile photo to my car tag… only to realize that it was outta date!! The VanityPlate was 34 days late!!

Which no real big deal. Becuz, it’s the VanityPlate. My real car tag isn’t due until July. Roy checked! When I told about the VanityPlate, he was a bit insecure about the real tag… which is in the trunk of my car.

A year ago, the Fine State of Oklahoma Tax Commission decided to cut costs… and not send out renewal notices for your freakin’ car tags!!!!!

Guess how many people forget about that???

Guess how many people have to pay extra fines?????

Another way TheMan sticks it to the LittleGuy!

My VanityPlate states for all the world to see that my car belongs to a retired law enforcement officer.

Let that sink in a moment.

I drive 70 miles an hour every where I go… And the tag is out of date.

People will call in and report such breeches of the law… to TheMan!

And Roy.

Both have been done. And I got grounded that day!!


He found all the proper paper work for me to go get the new sticker. He was a little afraid I would have to re-file for the that same tag number, like it would magical be up for grabs on Feb 28! And every retired cop would be sittin’ around just waitin’ for that particular tag number… I really frickin’ doubt it!

“Call first and make sure that there isn’t going to be a problem. And be nice.”

“Be nice? I’m always nice at the Tag Office.”

"Oh no you’re not! You hate those ladies in Miami!”

“That would be correct and I’m not goin’ to THAT office, Thank you very much! I’m goin’ to MY TAG OFFICE!!” That whole door slammin’ callin’ & fuckin’ bitches incident over this EXACT TAG 6 years ago… OH NO!!! I’m not goin’ there!

So check book and info in hand, I went to the Tag Office in Grove! It was busy. It was a Monday. There was very little parkin’ area… one lady parked in what was the ditch out front. I didn’t dare do that it was muddy and I don’t need to be stuck in the mud. Again.

I watched the lady get outta her car and walk in front of me, while I waited for a man to leave so I could take his spot. In the mean time, the lady’s husband got out of the passenger’s side and went around to the driver’s side… for one instant I thought he was goin’ to move his car to MY SPOT I WAS WAITIN’ ON!!! Don’t you just hate when you wait for someone to move only to have someone else zip into that spot from a different direction???

I wasn’t gonna let that happen. I will be nice the ladies IN THE TAG OFFICE but old men on the OUTSIDE… They are fair game! Luckily for him, he stayed put in the car and I took my spot I waited for and walked into the Tag Office. I sat down to wait my turn and eavesdropped on the old ladies talkin’ about the OLD MAN IN THE CAR.

“I had to take away his driver’s license becuz of his Alzheimer’s and his eye sight isn’t what it was…”


There is a law called, "Actual Physical Control” Which means if you are behind the wheel and have the keys and are impaired… like drunk… You can be arrested!!


I got up to go see what he was doin’ out there! I hadn’t made it to the door when I saw him pullin’ into a spot right in the front of the Tag Office!!


I turned to the lady, “Is it okay that he moves the car?? Cause, HE DID!”

“Oh yes. He can drive. I just took the driver’s license to slow him down.”



I hope I never have to do that with Roy.

Oh and I got my tag just like I thought… easy peasy and I was real nice. I even told the SuperNice Gal that My Tag Office was way better than my husband’s Tag Office. I left out the part about door slammin’ & fuckin’ bitches incident… They totally deserved it!


Dawn said...

Girl, I love the way you tell a story. Hilarious.

What is it with most tag offices? Why must they always employ bitches?

We have one here that has nice people. But, only one. The other offices are horrible.

And, we still get notices about our tags?!?

Glad you didn't have any problems getting yours renewed.

And, people like that old man driving, scare the shiz outta me!!!

Oh, and because of my daddy, I've never, ever had a ticket. LOL! My dl # is a dead giveaway that I belong to someone in law enforcement.

WhoGuru said...

You have a terrific, in your face style! Also I think the bitches in your husband's tag office have evil twins who all work up here in mine. XD We had a few rows last time. Great entry!!