Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am linking up with Impulsive Addict for a “We Want To Know Wednesday”. The topic is Friendship.
Link-Up and meet some new bloggers… this is how I found Bird five years ago! And we have been friends ever since.
{1} Do you make friends easily? No. I do not. I keep people at a distance until I’ve been around them for awhile and I feel comfortable around someone new. I’m very picky about women. Women are catty. And I don’t do catty. I can be petty too but I’m not hateful. I tend to get used as a doormat so I keep a wall up for a long time.
{2} What 3 qualities are a MUST in a friend? Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty! A gal to be my BFF must have my back! I’ve gone toe to toe with people for my gal pals… I expect the same in return. Pure and Simple. In the 8th grade, I threatened to beat up a boy that out weighed me by 50lbs and he had 10 inches on me becuz he insulted my BFF! 3 years later, she let her boyfriend tell lies to her mother to keep us apart when I need her the most… I was pregnant at 17!
{3} What makes YOU a good friend? Now that I’m not sure… I’m honest, funny, and will be there when you need me. You call me to come and get you… I will by God be there to get you! And then Loretta, chickens out and I take the abuse from her StupidAss husband!
{4} Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes I have. I have met Jean. She is a friend from MSNSpaces. She doesn’t blog anymore. She and I are Facebook Friends. She lives about 20 minutes from me. She a is super sweet lady.
I have met the RedNeckDiva… while at lunch with Jean. She too lives close by. She’s a busy gal! And I’ve meet Conner, the little boy she babysits… whatta cutey!!
I have also met MizAngie. I met her when I went to Texas with my mom last October. I love her! She offered to board her dogs and come take care of me after surgery!
I know! Right? Everyone that knows MizAngie just fell outta their chairs!!
And unfortunately she doesn’t blog anymore either.
{5} Who is your best friend?  Tell us about them. That’s Roy. He’s puts up with my shit. And calls me out when I need it. He’s there when I need him no matter what.
Jesse is a good friend too. She and I have so much in common, we like the same movies, we read the same books, we love the same foods… Love Her!!
Now all of you out there in BlogLand… Link up!


Impulsive Addict said...

Women ARE catty! Why is that? I can be hateful at times...if I feel threatened. I'm working on that. It's not nice.

Loyalty is super duper important! I completely agree. I hate that your friend abandoned you when you needed her. That's just sad.

You have met several bloggers! I'm jealous! But I'm going to Austin next month to meet some bloggers so I'm excited. If I quit blogging, it's because they were serial killers! Send help!

Thanks for linking up! You're the BESTEST!

Shawn said...

I agree, woman go from cute little girls wearing pigtails to "you're not in this club" little bitches all before they hit puberty. That's why most of my friends in school where guys, they're just easier!

I'm glad I have such great girlfriends now, they help me stand when I'm too weak to do it on my own.

Having your friends back, in any situation, is rule number 1 isn't it?

Thanks for linking up!

VandyJ said...

I know what you mean about women being catty--seems they never make it out of high school. After a while it's just easier not to put forth the effort.

Heather said...

Loyalty is very important in a great friendship. I will always have my friends back and I hope they feel the same.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I don't have many really good friends, especially women friends, because they ARE catty! Good call.

Dee said...

I can relate on the doormat thing, I used to be the same way. I think from now on I'm just gonna be a bitch like all the friends who treated me like a doormat in the past lol!

Mamarazzi said...

why are women so mean to one another!? but i get it.

thanks so much for linking up!

Natalia said...

Haha! Love the story about you threatening to beat someone up :)