Sunday, April 03, 2011

Illness, Bowling, And Second Chances…

I don’t know what the Hell is goin’ on but I’ve been ill most of this flippin’ year!! Last week, I had a cough and a bit of chest congestion that really took me outta the game! I did make it to town one day but it was like every last bit of my strength was used and the next day I laid all day in bed!!

And I don’t know where I came up with it! Roy doesn’t have it this time, so he didn’t bring it in.

Rats! I like blamin’ him!

So since I’m a big dumb blonde…

And my daughter is still “friends” with Loretta…

And I stupidly, told my daughter I was havin’ surgery…

Loretta saw it.

So she and StupidAss Eddie called to make a dinner date to mend fences. Out of guilt for not being a closer friend?? Whatever.

So Yes, she’s gettin' a second chance… I’m keepin’ up my guard!

Dinner went well.

But after dinner, becuz we couldn’t agree on what movie to watch, it was mentioned that we go bowlin’.

Roy used to be team captain in a league… He’s not too bad! He has his own ball and shoes!!

We played 3 sets and I was always the lowest scorin’ person. I don’t really care. I had fun.

I did manage to get a strike and I picked up a couple spares… But mostly gutter balls.

But I also pulled a muscle in my butt!! My left butt cheek started crampin’ it was so bad. I asked Roy to rub it out but with all those people watchin’ and the little kids, he wouldn’t do it!!

And those people that run the joint, came and took my ball from me!! Rude!! “You can’t throw that ball.”

“Well why not?” It worked perfect… It was light enough that I wasn’t throwin’ it half way down the lane where it crashed with a thud!!  What’s he mean “Throw”?

“It’s a child’s ball.”


“Well I’m wearin’ kiddie shoes…” But no. He took my ball.

So I had to use a heavier ball… no wonder I sprained my butt!

Me and Roy we are gonna practice!! But we’re gonna rest up… Captain or not, his hip hurts too!

Loretta volunteered to take care of me after surgery while Roy worked… we shall see.

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