Thursday, April 28, 2011

An I Got Nothin’ Day…

Seriously. Nothing!

I have sat here mullin’ over all the thoughts goin’ thru my head and nothing is interestin’ or anything I can put a humorous spin on it so… I got nothin’!

Though, Scooter is prayin’ at the “Alter of The Router”

IMG_3313That’s becuz he such a devote follower of “All Things Electronic is Good”

Makes me think, I’ll just go thru my photos and see what there is to share…

IMG_3306 My new bowlin’ shoes… while my replacements are on order.

Yes. I have 2 pair of bowlin’ shoes. Well, Why The Hell Not? My other ones are supposed to be purple and pink and glow in the dark!!! I can’t hardly wait!!!

100_2718I have no words… blanket hog comes to mind.

100_2715“Wait! Guys! Come Back! I promise I won’t hog the tub!”

IMG_3314And now the router is a butt warmer.

100_2462z“Get This Off! Right Now!”

100_2466 Medium Web view“Help!!! Me!!!! She’s Killin’ Me!!!! Heeeeelp!!!!”

Actually, he’s so over it all, he’s bored.

longhairb-05 Standard e-mail viewz And that’s all I’ve got, kids. Nothin’!


Heather said...

Love the kitty pictures!!!

MissBeth said...

Now i cant wait to see the new shoes !!! Glad you all are ok, the storms have just really done some damage. Hope they are over with for awhile.

Jeankfl said...

You're funnier than me, even when you got nuthin'!! I love all the kitties. I miss my babies.. Well, I'm movin' soon, then maybe I'll get a new baby! Cute bowling shoes!