Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Smattering Of Crap...

That's all I've got... crap goin' thru my head. Let's see what flies out.

I have to break up with my hair stylist. UGH!
I love what she does to my hair but she is sooooo hard to get a hold of and get an appointment!! I called last Friday at 3pm, she'd already left!!! I left a message. Here it is Thursday and she still hasn't called me!!! It been like this for a year. She's a great hairdresser!! She is thorough!! But I need someone I can call and get in a couple of days... not 2 weeks down the road. UGH!!!

All these weird dreams must be a side effect to the new meds... or pre-menopause! The night sweats have started. UGH!!!!!!
Roman orgies on cruises, death by tornado, demon MexicanMan, sex with fat men with small cocks... anal sex at that... well then, a gal's gonna sweat!!
For the record, I don't know any fat men nor have I ever had sex with a fat man. I've had a small cock though. Just so you know... so not worth the work.

My ass hurts.
Whatta Segway!! Huh?
There's a new leg press at the gym. Why? I don't know. The leg press is the equivalent of doin' squats... Well, the old machine, I could press 100lbs easily. The new one... it was all I could do to get 90lbs up! 3 sets of 10!!
And now my ass hurts!! UGH!!!!!!!!

Roy mentioned something about goin' to OKC to visit his parents. You know how thrilled I am about that!!
"So are we gonna go this weekend?"
He said, "no maybe next. Or the one after that."
He feels guilty for not havin' gone sooner after the big heart surgery... we were ill.
But now we're not.


And while I was typin' this all out a brilliant blog transpired... copy and paste... to be posted at a later date.


RavNsLove said...

You are the queen of crap. And I love it. Would not have it any other way. Sorry bout the bad dreams and the night sweats. Cruise Ship Orgies? Sounds like a new porno title.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I dare not put a list of what's in my head. People with straight jackets would come get me...