Monday, March 07, 2011

Silly Cat Games…

IMG_2524This is George… George Herbert Walker to be exact. He is the King Cat in this house. He is the biggest weighin’ in at 16 pounds. He has a great personality. He is the only cat I would let my grandsons play with, he’s so gentle. He doesn’t use his claws except when he’s want to remind you he has them and is not afraid to use them.
He hates Manny, Jax, and Woobie. HATES!!
When they were tiny babies he avoided them, in fact, they were about 3 months old before they realized he was even in the house! He sauntered thru the livin’ room one day and they stopped playin’ and ran to hide behind me, only to peek around me to look at George. He is impressive!
He only wants petted on his terms. I can tell him “hugs and cuddles Georgie!” and he takes off runnin’. He hates to be picked up and hugged!
He and I communicate perfectly. He gives me lip when he doesn’t get his way!
He loves to hide in the shadows at night and reach out and touch me as I walk by… scares me every time!
Which brings me to my story…
George has a silly game he likes to play with me. He patiently waits on the toilet while I shower. And when I’m done, he starts purrin’ and mewin’ at me. It’s a loud obnoxious purr but a soft meow. He’s got his Purrve on!!
As I dry off, he reaches out to swat me… on my legs or my butt when I bend over.
Or he raises up on his hind legs and wants to kiss me. I will lean down and we touch noses.
He’s so happy by that!! He will raise up on his hind legs to do it again… and again.
I don’t mind talkin’ to him and playin’ his little game. He’s just so sweet!
But one day, I leaned down for him to touch my nose with his and George reached out with his paws and caught my face! I can feel his claws. I stopped dead in my tracks as this cat held my face. All I could do was squeal!
“Honey!!!! Come Get George!!!!”
“He’s just Countin’ Coup*, Babe! He just wants you to know He can take you out at anytime!”
I like it way better when he swats my ass!!!

I may hafta rethink him playin' with my grandbabies.

*(Thanks Billie!)

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