Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roy, Scooter, And The Boss…

Roy wanted a big dog. I’m not crazy about big dogs. I like little dogs, house dogs. Not big honkin’ couch hogs! And defiantly not a Rottweiler!

Roy wanted it for protection. My basset hound was hateful but not protective. My schnauzers barked but at birds, and cats, and rabbits, and everything. So he was always runnin’ out to see what those damn dogs were barkin’ at… nothing.

I told him that he would have to commit to that Rottweiler the same sorta commitment he made to me… to train that dog to mind and not kill the little dogs or the cats. Or hurt any children… No ifs, ands, or buts!

One day a little old man decided he was too old to handle his dog, a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy, so he brought it to the clinic for us to find the puppy a home. I called Roy. He was on duty but he can runnin’!

“He’s 6 months old so he’s young enough to be trained and that habit of chasin’ cats can be curbed. He’s back in the kennel. Go back there and see if he’s what you want.” I told Roy. I was too busy with clients to show him the dog myself. He went back and looked around. He came back to the front.

“Where is this puppy?”

“He’s right there in the first run.”

Roy went back again to look at the puppy.

He came back, “That’s not a puppy!! That’s 100lb dog!!”

What did he expect a 6 month old Rottie to look like??? All small ball of fluff with puppy breath?? It’s not a poodle! It’s a Rottweiler!!

“That’s him. He’s name is Boss. Do you want him?”

Oh, he wanted him alright!

Scooter on the other hand was not thrilled.

Turns out that Boss was very well behaved without a whole lot of trainin’… though Roy trained him with cookies to sit and stay. They would wrassle and romp all over the place. Roy would load him up in the truck just to take the dog for rides!


Boss was not the least bit interested in cats. He would sniff them but never once gave chase, or growled. Not even when Scooter hissed and swatted him!! Any time Boss was in the house, Scooter always boxed his nose and Boss just took it all in stride.

11My daughter with Scooter and Boss.

Boss never hurt my little dogs, in fact he let my old schnauzer “boss” him!

Durin’ one of the wrasslin’ matches, Boss injured his knee. He began limpin’. We doctored him with supplements and cortisone injections. Though I worked for a veterinarian, we couldn’t afford to do knee surgery. When it became evident Boss couldn’t get up and down any more, He was put to sleep after livin’ with us for 6 years.

Roy has never wanted another big dog.

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Katy said...

Sounds like a wonderful dog. I will be devastated when our animals have to be put down--I try not to think about it.