Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Road Trips, Bloggers, And Dreams…

I have been havin’ some real doosies!!!

So me, Lilly, a friend from grade school, and MissThystle, she’s my blogger friend, were drivin’ to San Diego and we called our blogger Ravnslove to meet us when we get to New Mexico. She was thrilled to show us around!

All four of us loaded up in my big Yellow Station wagon and hit the roadways of New Mexico, with Ravnslove drivin’ us down the interstate. We were havin’ a big time! She turned off the interstate on to a smaller road which was pretty bumpy on the old station wagon but we didn’t care… we were havin’ a grand old time!!

We decided we needed some cool refreshin’ adult beverages… MissThystle wanted lemon blueberry wine coolers. So Ravnslove happily went in to the store to get our drinks.

Well, while we were waitin’, MrMexican came up to the car and started chattin’ with MissThystle. Suddenly he was in the car with us!! Lilly jumped into the driver’s seat and we sped off without Ravnslove!!!

I was freakin’ out!!!! “We can leave her! We must go back!”

MrMexican growled at me!! His eyes turned red!!

He made Lilly drive out to a wild area where there were dragons and demons!!

I screamed at MissThystle “357!! 357!!”

She is packin’ a gun! I just know she’ll whip it out and put MrMexican in his place!!

And she did! You don’t mess with her!

I pushed Lilly out of the way and drove back to the store to get Ravnslove!!

And I woke Up!!

Thank God!!


I have know I idea where any of that dream came from…. I can’t spin any of the symbolism into real life.

And I swear I haven’t had not one drop of alcohol since January 16th!!!

I’m totally dry!

I’ve never met my blogger friends. And Lilly died in 1998.

Do they even make lemon blueberry wine coolers??


Lin said...

Haha, that is one strange yet very cool dream.

RavNsLove said...

Thanks for coming back for me. I was having a good time flirting with the cashier. Even though he was only 16.

I love you honey, I can't wait until we all get to me in real life.

Lay off the caffeine before bed. LOL!

K said...

Strangely enough, my carry weapon IS a .357! And I'd totally shoot a demonic mexican for making us leave RavnsLove!

(ps. I have a new blog. And it doesn't have any posts.)

~Thystle, the pistol packing mama

Katy said...

I have dreams with people from Twitter in them--even people I haven't actually met. It's a little unnerving.