Thursday, March 17, 2011

The “Oh Shit” Moment…

A few days ago I had to go in to have my pap and pelvic exam. I hadn’t had it done in a couple of years. It’s a hassle becuz I have to drive an hour and half to Claremore to go the Indian Hospital.

A routine visit.


So as the doctor was givin’ me a pelvic exam he said, “Wow!”

Not the first I’ve heard that while a man has handled my business! I wanted to say, “Thank You!”

And then he said, “Your uterus is huge!”


I’ve been told it’s tilted… whatever that means??!! But not HUGE!

“It’s like you are 18 weeks pregnant.”


And he said, “Has anyone ever talked to you about fibroids?”



And then we talked about tumors, fibroids, cysts, and possible surgery… “But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let’s do an ultrasound and see what we are dealing with before we panic.”

NO FUCKIN’ SHIT!!! Too late! I’m freakin’!!

I called Roy as I walked out of the hospital. I told him I had bad news. I wanted to tell him face to face but I knew if I didn’t just tell him he would be worried to a frazzle by the time I got home.

“I have to come back tomorrow for an ultrasound becuz the doctor says my uterus is too big and he fears there may be tumors.”


And I repeated all that again… Dude Keep Up!

He was freaked too… and clingy.


Lin said...

Aw hon I'm sorry you're going through this scare. I hope everything turns out ok, keep us updated.

Anonymous said...


Sending positive vibes your way...

Teresa in KC

Jeankfl said...

Yeah, I have those, too.. no biggy. They can take it out, or just leave it be, like mine.. they don't like doing surgery on me! Might want to do a D&C to check them out. I had one.. no problem. May get rid of all that nonsense from this! It's quite common. Let me know if you need anything!

bigdogmompam said...

Wow, Nadine . . . been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Scared me sh!tless when it happened to me! I'm saying prayers, lighting candles, and sending hugs. If you need someone to talk to . . . send me an email!!

MizAngie said...

I won't say ONE WORD about your big ol' uterus but I'm thinking of several funny (but hateful) comments. *giggle*

My ovaries are full of [presumably benign] cysts. Really fucks with the hormones, which explains a lot.

I'll check with you this comin' week to see what the official word is from the doc.