Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letter 24…

To the person that gave me my favorite memory…

Dear Daddy,

I cherish every moment I had with you in your short stay on Earth.

You taught me to water ski, to ride horses and motorcycles… which got me to ride to Sturgis on my own. You taught me to be fearless.

You taught me to shoot guns, to fish, and to camp.

Campin’ didn’t stick but hey, I can still shoot and fish. I’d much rather camp at the Best Western!

You taught me to work on cars and with the right tools… which came in handy becuz EarlLee only bought me junk to drive.

Sometimes I wonder if you wanted me to be a boy.

I miss you so much!

Love You,

Your Baby Girl

1 comment:

MizAngie said...

He didn't want you to be anything but what you are. You're EXACTLY what he wanted.