Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow, Snow, And More Snow…

O!M!G! Have we had snow!!!

Records have been set… snowfall amounts and deep freeze temperatures!

I’m not used it. AT. ALL.

As a child, I would go to bed and wake up to snow on the ground… a few inches and school was called off. Enjoy it for the day becuz it was gone the next.

Not this time. The first snowfall we got 16 inches or so… and still had about 9 inches of it on the ground when the second snow storm rolled thru dumping a foot on me!

I’m glad I do not work and I didn’t have to get out in it.

And havin’ the reputation that I have, Roy grounded me to the house.

“Do not go outside! You will fall and get hurt and freeze to death before I can get home!”

Damn it!

“Or you will lock yourself out again! And freeze to death before I can get home!”


He knows me all too well.

Many years ago back when he was still patrol the highways and byways of this fine state, I was left home alone. The girls were gone to their dad’s house for the summer. I wanted to make some homemade salsa. I’ll just go out back to the garden and pick some tomatoes… no problem. I didn’t even bother to change out of my nightwear… an oversized tank top that showed off most of my boobs and skinny pants. I did think enough about the wet grass and dirt in the garden to put on my shoes!

I picked tomatoes and a few peppers, usin’ my shirt as my basket and walked back to the house. And wouldn’t you know it I had locked myself out!

Shit! Roy wouldn’t be home for 4 hours!! He was workin’ a special shift and just couldn’t come home on a whine.

I had no key to the house hidden anywhere. No cell phone. The truck was locked up with the mobile phone in it!!

Okay. I can do this. I’ll just hang out here until he comes home. I found a blanket and spread it out in the shade and laid down for a nap.


As I laid there, all I could think about was the ticks that was crawlin’ all over the ground! If I went to sleep I would wake up with Lyme’s disease!!

Surely, I had laid there an hour or so.

I could lounge around in the tree swing… no the cats bothered me.

Screw it! I’ll walk down to the neighbors house and call him. He’ll be mad but I can’t take it any longer!! I’m getting’ hot!! All that outdoorsy stuff is too much for me!!

I pulled my shirt around so that it covered me was much as possible and marched down the hill to the neighbors. 40 minutes later, Roy pulled up in the driveway. He didn’t say a word! I didn’t dare!! He unlocked the door and returned to his unit and roared off to complete his shift!

I looked at the clock… I had been locked out for about an hour and a half.

Later he made sure there was an extra key outside… as this was 12 years ago I have no idea where it is today!!!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Nadine! You make me laugh! Hopefully if you do ever go out in the snow you will be a little better dressed! :)

The Gaelic Wife said...

You don't do snow. You don't do heat. What do you do? Hahaha, knowing you ... don't answer that.

I wish Mr. Gaelic had grounded me to the house the day of our ice storm. Better to be cooped up and safe than getting out and hurt yourself.