Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Mix…

Hormones and dreams!!

I would love to spin a wicked tale of sex and fantasy and then tell you “And then I woke up.” Like I’ve been known to do… But the dreams and nightmares are just too much!

I was tellin’ Roy about them, “Honey, You were fired from your job becuz of our sex tapes. You were so bummed by it. You were sittin’ on the couch with your pistol to your head! I woke up when you pulled the trigger!”

He just shook his head. “That’s bad.”

Our sex tapes have been buggin’ him and he’s gonna burn them. He doesn’t want anyone to break in and steal them. “You don’t want your nekked ass on the internet.”

No, I Don’t!

I continued tellin’ about the other odd dreams, “And I had a dream that RubyJune was mad at me over all this crap over Mom. As I was leavin’ her house, I saw tornadoes droppin’ from the sky. I turned around to make sure everyone was safe and sound in the cellar. I handed one nephew to my niece and the other nephew to my sister as they ran for the cellar. Just as they get to it, I’m hit with debris and am killed! And I wake up!”

“Yep, that’s odd.”

“And I have dreams of cruises and roman orgies!’

“Well, now that’s not so bad. That might even be fun!”


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Lin said...

Wow you have some messed up dreams lol. I get why Roy's a little worried about those tapes, I'd hate to have my butt plastered all over the internet too, lol.

Also, maybe you start watching the show Sparticus (on Starz)...this should help you with your Roman orgy dreams ;)