Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 3 Things That Roy Did…

that made me smile.

1) While I had Shingles, I had to take the medicine every 5 hours, so he set his cell phone to go off at 2am. If you have ever heard a motorcycle start up at 2am then you have some idea of how high I jumped when the cell phone went off!

Seriously. His ringtone is his Indian motorcycle idling. And it’s loud!!

And he never failed to say, “It’s time for the 2O’clock feedin’!”

Once when I woke up early, I got up. The Phone went off! He jumped up outta bed and went lookin’ for me. “Hey, Babe! It’s 2O’Clock Feedin’ time!! ‘Take Your Medicine, Son!’” Which is a line from another movie he loves… Young Guns 2.

So one mornin’ he jumped up outta bed and went lookin’ for me… I was right beside him. It was 3ish. “What happened? The alarm didn’t go off!! Did you miss your pill?”

“It’s okay. I took it on time.” I hadn’t slept well that night.

But he was still baffled. When he was fully awake he sat down with his phone to figure out what went wrong. “It’s set to go off at 2AM, Monday- Friday! I don’t get it!”

“Honey, Monday- Friday. It’s Sunday morning.”

I love to watch his face when the light bulb goes on… “Oooh!”

2) I have many Victoria’s Secrets bras. I wash them in the washer but hang them up to dry. Roy rotated the laundry one day and I asked him what was in the load. He replied, “colors.”

“Were my bras in there?”

“I don’t know.” but he looked in the dryer and found 2. He gave them to me and I hung them up in the bathroom.

A few days later, I noticed my sports bra hangin’ up. I never hang them up and wondered, “what the hell?” but never asked him why it was there.

As we ate supper, he said, “did you find your bra? I hang it up for you. I know how you are about them.”

I decided not to school him on the different between padded push up bras and unlined sports bras. I’ll just let him hang them all up.

I just smiled and said thank you.

3) Since I’m not allowed candles, I have started usin’ Scentsy. I leave the meltin’ pot thingy on the stove and Roy is good with it. “If there’s a way to burn the house down with it, I’m sure YOU’LL find a way!”

So the Scentsy bars are kept in a basket in the kitchen.

One day I got in the fridge to get out all the sandwich makin’ stuff and found the Scentsy bars… all five packages… in the sandwich bin.

He thought it was cheese.

Yeah, I laughed too.


Tracie said...

Oh bless their hearts. They try so hard! Cheese hahahahhaa!!!

MizAngie said...

That's sweet, but so funny! Did you tell him about the "cheese"?

RavNsLove said...

How lucky are you? Wow. He is a really great catch.

I hope you are feeling better, and keep smiling.

Billie said...

I hope you are feeling better.