Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Smatterin’ Of Crap…

Welcome Lurker Barbara!!

I love my lurkers. You are amongst friends, feel free to comment.

I’ve spent my first few years on the World Wide Web being a lurker myself. And look at me now!

Resolutions! Why do resolutions have to be about weight or not smoking? I think a resolution should be about self improvement and something a person can accomplish becuz if you haven’t quit smokin’ in July what makes you think January is better?

My resolution is to not have confusin’ status updates for my niece.

“Sis, I just don’t get them.”

Well Sweetie they are meant for adults.

She’s 20.

I DVR Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There. I said it out loud. I will also DVR New York and New Jersey and maybe the OC. Them gals and the ones from Atlanta are not my faves. Too much bickering. Why would I want to be entertained by something that looks like one of our family functions??

And becuz, I like to watch the Real Housewives series, I read the Real Housewives of Oklahoma blog. That’s been entertaining and no drama! Recipes, free stuff, and get togethers… Woo Hoo!!

Speakin’ of Real HW of BevieHills, I feel so sorry for Taylor. She is in a loveless marriage. I think I would cut and run! She’s got the child and can get a nice settlement and look for someone that will love her the way she needs to be loved.

She’s from Oklahoma by the way. I favorite quote, “I’ll take you out back and put some Oklahoma on your ass!”

Just as good as Kim from RHofAltanta, “Lord, Don’t let my wig fall off.”

The last day Roy work, he got a call from his daughter the other day… which has never been a good thing. If she called every day or even once a week, I wouldn’t be so suspicious about her motives. The gist was she was just kicked out of her Mother’s home for not followin’ the rules. She’s 32. With 3 boys. It’s long past time to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

First words outta my mouth was, “she’s not comin’ here!” And I said it before I realized it was comin’ outta my mouth. She lived with us when she acted up in high school and couldn’t follow the rules way back then… she lasted 2 weeks with her dad!

Roy agreed. She’s not comin' here.

Whew! But his worried about her. Her birthday was yesterday and we all gave her a Facebook Birthday but no response from her.

The boys have been livin’ with Roy’s ex and her hub for more that 2 years now. Sad.

And that same day, Roy got a call from his aunt from MO. Not one his close to at all. His mother’s sister. And she’s so tactless she said, “we are comin’ to OKC to see your dad before he dies.”

Yep. That washed over Roy all wrong! Sure RoySr is havin’ some health issues but do not trash our hope of his havin’ a recovery!! Bitch!!

And to put the cherry on Roy totally shitty day, a high pressure hose broke and showered the whole crew with water and cracked Roy in the knee. The boys were all laughin’ becuz they were wet and Roy was holdin’ his wonderin’ whether or not it was broke! It looked like he had 2 knee caps on the same leg.

“Why does everything happen to me? I was standin’ there with 3 other people and the hose hit me!”

I’ve asked myself that many times… Why me?

Becuz I’m just unlucky that way!!


Sherrie said...

I don't imagine it's overly pleasant being hit by a hose. Well then, I suppose it would depend on whose hose is hitting you!

Oh now that was just wrong on so many levels! Hope you have a fabulous cruise little lady!

MizAngie said...

Good Grief!