Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I’m sittin’ here mindin’ my own business when I feel something crawlin’ around on my arm.

“EUW! EUW!!” I started squealin’!!! I’ve had such rotten luck lately the last thing I need is for some bug to bite me. Did I tell you about walkin’ into the kitchen and steppin’ on a red wasp?? Ever have a sting on the bottom of your foot?? It felt like I had glass in my foot!!!

Once… All I did was reach into the paper machine and got nailed by a wasp on the arm!!

And now something is crawlin’ on my arm!!!!

“Euw!!! Euw!!! EUWWWWW!!!!!”

Roy was standin’ right there!!

“Don’t move!”

MOVE??? I want to jump up and down and swat it!!!

Oh!! Oh!! The last time I swat something that landed on my arm and I didn’t look to see what it was It stung me!!! While I was drivin’ down the road!!! That’s what wasps do!!! Attack you when you least expect it!!!

Have you ever panicked and had to sit still????

The last time I did that a walkin’ stick attacked me!! While I was drivin’!!!!

I was just mindin’ my own business drivin’ to work when a walkin’ stick bug crawled up on my leg… and me bein' all zen with bugs just picked him up and calmly put WAAAAAY over on the other side of the truck as FAAAAAAR as I could reach and I’ll be damned if that thing didn’t stand up on it’s hind legs and leapt at me!!! KID YOU NOT!! There was sqealin’ and stoppin’ and lettin’ that bug have his way!!! He could drive the truck!!!! I got the jump on him and put his sticky ass out on the side of road and kicked gravel all over him!!!

Sit Still My Ass!!! DON’T PANIC!!! I have a bug on me and I want it off right now!!!

While I’m squealin’ and not dancin’ all over the livin’ room, Roy is tryin’ to get the light turned on so he can see what he has to rescue me from…

It took for freakin’ ever!!!!!!!

The light was on, He took my arm rolled it around until he found my attacker… a friggin’ moth.

It could have been really bad!!

Yes, it could.


RavNsLove said... skin was crawling right along with yours. Ewwwww!

Glad it was a moth. They don't have teeth. hehe!

NOw I will have the creepy crawlies all day. Thanksomuch!

Katy said...

Kids used to freak out about moths when I taught school--I would just laugh.