Sunday, January 09, 2011

Letter 18…

To the person that you wish you could be…

I wish I could be tall, tan, and wealthy.

Mostly wealthy… it could actually happen if I purchase the right lottery ticket.

I wish I could be more open, less judgmental, and not so high strung.

Everything is an ordeal… I know there are drugs for it but what I was on wasn’t it.

I wish I could be more guarded, less jealous, and be accepted.

I am who I am… if you can’t handle it, then move along. We don’t mix well, there nothing wrong with that.

And you ask, how can you be more open and more guarded?

I don’t tell you everything… though it seems like I do. Becuz everything’s an ordeal. But I don’t you about it.

Roy says I’m too trustin’ and that world is filled with low-lifes scum-suckin’ maggots just waitin’ to take advantage of me.

That just becuz someone holds a title of authority doesn’t mean they are a good person… learned that one the hard way. I have no faith in the justice system.

That just becuz someone professes to be a ‘Good Christian” doesn’t mean they are… learned that one the hard way too. I have no faith in “Good Christians”. Put your Jesus where you mouth is! If he’s in your heart, be it!

I am who I am. I know it. And I don’t profess to be anything but who I am.

Is there room for improvement?

Damn Straight.

Do I wallow in self pity?

Not every day.

Not really a letter but that’s the person I wish I could be.


MizAngie said...

You wrote my letter for me.

Sherrie said...

I loved that. I think most of us can agree we feel the same.