Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fresh Hell Served Daily…

Have a slice.

Or not.

Everyday, new blotches and blisters have showed up. Shingles is not for sissys!!!

And it feels like a sunburn. I can get thru this. I am Betty BadAss!!

And then I found a blister in my pubic hair.

I’m freakin’ out again!!

“Honey!!! If I get this rashy shit on my business area I won’t be able to walk!!!”

He didn’t giggle.

He didn’t smile.

He didn’t dare!!!

But he did say, “I’ll get you a bed pan and you can lay in bed all day. I’ll take care of you.”

In sickness and in health… He’s a keeper.


Tracie said...

Aww that was sweet! Don't shingles follow nerves? Heres to speedy healing!

MizAngie said...

Gosh, I thought you'd be getting better by now. When my sister had shingles she began improving about 3 days into the medicine. I'm sure THAT'S what you wanted to hear. Ha!! That Roy really is a keeper - not everybody would change a bed pan.

RavNsLove said...

Shingles suck ass woman. I am so sorry. Get better soon!