Wednesday, January 05, 2011

3 Blind Mice!

See how they run!!
Runnin' rampant in Nadine's house!!
With not a one of cats in sight!!
All the while She screams and cries ICK!!
Oh how it just makes me gross and sick!!
Three Blind Mice!!!

While I was in OKC VickySittin’, Roy was left home alone to tend to things… the cats. He told me this little tale…
“I came home this evening, to find the cats in the kitchen. They had circled the wagons! They had a baby mouse surrounded. He looked like he was on his last leg and I helped him along.”
Euw Gross!
I have mice.
And 6 cats.
What is wrong with this picture???
Oh Wait! I stand corrected… I have 9 cats!! Don’t forget those 3 outside the house, guardin’ the perimeter from of all things birds!
Do you know what a pretty little blue bird looks like turned inside out?? Not Pretty! And gross!
Once, one of them was chompin’ on a bird but yet... the cat looked like it was gaggin’!! So I had to pull out the dead baby mockin’bird by it’s dead legs out of the that cat’s mouth!!!
ICK!!!!! GROSS!!! ICK!!
But I have mice!
Oh I’ve found dead body parts from what looked it came from a furry creature so Those Outside Cats do know that they are supposed to keep out the mice but obviously, they’re FED TOO WELL BY ESTABLISHMENT!!! Roy!!!
Wait I’m strayin’ from the point… the mice actually in the house. With my 6 cats.
Once, last spring, we heard a commotion and cats went runnin’… away from it. Which is not a good sign! Roy found two of the cats had found a baby mice. And was that baby a sqealin’!! Which is why the other cats were runnin’! Poor little thing was tryin’ so hard to get away, but Scooter and Monster were not lettin’ it go!
Have you ever seen what cats do with mice? They play with them. They chase and pounce and let it go to chase it again only to catch it and throw in the air and let it run to pounce it again…and do it over and over and over all the while it squeals. Until it dies… play with it until it dies!
Oh the squealin’!!! It’s torture!
The Last Thing I Want To Do I Pull A Squealin’ Baby Mouse From Scooter’s Mouth!!!
Roy helped them send him on his way.
I didn’t give it a thought! They found it and Roy tended to it. End of that Mouse Tale.
They had circled the wagons on a 2nd one!! And their all babies!!
Where is Mom and Dad??


Lin said...

Eww...I'm officially grossed out now! *shudder* I'm not a cat kinda girl, I think the fact that my in laws have about 7 of them living in their small 2 bedroom apartment & 5 outside totally put me off cats for life (the smell, omg that awful smell!). It's effed up how they play with it before they kill it but I guess it's their sort of fun, haha. Good thing is they're keeping the mice population down in your house :)

RavNsLove said...

I have never seen a mouse in my house...until a few nights ago. OMG. I was sitting on the couch and out of the corner of my eye I caught movement. I screamed. I screamed "It is a mouse, in my house!!! Get it get it get it!!"

Matt looked and saw no mouse. So he said I was hallucinating. NOPE! IT ran out and he saw it and chased it for hours. It won. The end.

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MizAngie said...

I...hate...mice (and rats). And I'm not real fond of squirrels (rats with fuzzy tails). Ugh. Growing up in the country, though, it was inevitable we would have them in the house. The only bad thing about cats playing with the mice is that I'm always afraid the little booger will actually escape before they kill it. I think it's that effing "scurrying" they do. Blech.