Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well Crap Apple!!

I forgot to tell you about the ring!

Once Roy has gotten his new boots and new belt, he takes me to the mall and turns me loose. He hangs around Sears and I run thru it just as fast as I can… There might be new shoes stocked at TJMaxx!! And then he catches up with me later somewhere around Victoria Secrets. That day wasn’t any different except he told me to call him when I get to JCP, the second time.

But I called him just before I entered Victoria Secrets and Poof! There he was!!

“Oh, I’ve already been here.” I make a quick check for a Pink and Red Bag… NONE!

“They looked at me like I was a perv.”

He’s never let that stop him before! He showed me the little pretty thing he liked… which wasn’t too much different from the ONE I BOUGHT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

But we went on down the road… or I did, he camped out near Santa. I shopped for boots that will fit my massive calves. Found a pair I THOUGHT WOULD WORK… BOUGHT THEM WITHOUT TRYING THEM ON!! I didn’t want to roll around on the floor tryin’ to get them on and then have a cryin’ cussin’ fit tryin’ to get them off right there in the middle of MACY’S!

So I called him to come share a pop with me… he did. I was tired. It was time to go home.

So I thought.

When we get to the corner of JCP and Victoria Secrets with Helzberg and Zale’s on both sides, he says, “which is your favorite Jewelry store?”


Don’t toy with me Roy! He knows I always look at the “clearance rack” at Zale’s.

So he says, “We are going to go in there and buy you something pretty. Whatever you pick out. But do not “cheap out” like you always do.”

I’m a bargain shopper! I am very frugal with my money!

He says, “When you find it, and I like it, you hear ding ding ding! Winner!”

He is toyin’ with me.

I looked over the birthstones, the mother’s jewelry, and down the case to the little dainty diamond cocktail rings, to find a pretty little heart shaped diamond ring.

“I like that.” No ding ding ding.

And I went a little further to find a little diamond bow ring.

“I like that too.” No ding ding ding.

In the same case was a super pretty black and white diamond bow ring. “Now that I love!”

I had looked at something similar in the junk jewelry store… I’da wore a $12.50 ring proudly! Hell I was lookin’ over all this beautiful diamond and gold jewelry wearin’ a $3 mood ring!!


What the hell!? He’s not wearin’ it!!

So I kept lookin’… right into the “clearance rack”! He found a huge sapphire pendant that would match my cocktail ring but I just didn’t hear the music!! No trumpets. No cupids. No sunshine.

He looked over all the colored stones… rubies, emeralds, and citron but nothing tripped my trigger like that black and white diamond bow ring. He would have bought me earrings and all the necklaces I wanted becuz he just flat hated that bow ring!

But whatever Baby wants, Baby gets! I’m the proud owner of a black and white diamond bow ring with pretty black diamond solitaire earrings… one for me and one for him.

He made me do it! I was perfectly happy with my boots to be my Christmas!

And my GhostBuster’s DVD set… that’s how I roll.


MizAngie said...

LOVE the ring! I had a mood ring back in the 70s. I hear they're making a comeback. Everyone thought mine was black onyx since my ass is so moody. Ha!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Wow! A ring! Sounds like a very special Christmas!

Katy said...

Hooray for jewelry. You need to get a picture up here!