Friday, December 03, 2010

Letter 15…

To the person you miss the most…

Dear Daddy,

She’s done it again. Mom has screwed the pooch.

She made another bad choice. She picked JoJo over RubyJune. JoJo is her friend that took up with her after NormaJean died. You’d like JoJo, if things had been different.

If you were here we wouldn’t be havin’ this conversation.

But. Here we are.

It’s all really sad. Remember all those custody battles you went through with Mom to keep us kids. She was unfit to be our mother then and she’s not much better now. A thought occurred to me the other day, she is actin’ like a teenage girl that has just ran away from home, all wild and crazy.

No not really. She’s not bar hoppin’ this time ‘round or sleepin’ all over town like she did after you died. She took another leave of absence from her job. She said it was stress. But all she does is shop flea markets and garage sales. What’s she gonna do when the money runs out?

Becuz, she has picked JoJo, RubyJune will not allow her move into the “Mother Inlaw” house she was building just for Mom. RubyJune went off on her… big time!

I don’t blame her. I’ve had my problems with her too. Mom had mentioned family counseling to RubyJune and RubyJune told her, she doesn’t really want to know what kinda Hell she would openin’ up if we did that. After the first day, Mom would go home and commit suicide and that would be from just what RubyJune told her! Don’t you know that to be true!

Why does she think she’s blameless?

Do you know she blames you for her smokin’ all those years? Though she said once she smoked when she was pregnant with me.

Anyway, I told her to fix the whole mess with RubyJune. But all she wanted to do is argue about it. It shouldn’t have been that hard. And I have to side with RubyJune.

Remember, when you pointed to that Woman at the DairyQueen and said, “that woman should have been your mother.”

Remember she waved at you?

Were you for real or just wishin’ that woman would date you?

Cuz, sometimes, I do too.

Much Love and Big Hugs,


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MizAngie said...

Family. Nuff said.