Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Last Family Reunion I Will Ever Go To…

Every Fall, my grandpa’s kin get together for… what I don’t know. To eat sandwiches and chat with family members they see every day, I guess. Becuz that’s what all 70 of them did.

My grandpa has 4 sisters… I feel like I’m forgettin’ one… and he had 2 brothers. When his mother, my great grandmother was alive we would have this gatherin’ at her house… the one that burned recently. Imagine 125 people all crammed in a 6 room house! Back then all the kids would play outside in the barns and pastures, everyone chatted with everyone… It was a good time.

We all seemed close.

Now, it’s just so different. AuntRuthy’s family sits together. AuntBecky’s family sits together. AuntEdy’s family sits together… you get the idea. Only 8 people out of 70 actually spoke to me. The rest stood back lookin’ at me tryin’ to figure out who I was!!!

One cousin looked at me, held up a hand, shook her head and walked away… At Me!

What the Hell!!?? Rude! I always thought so much of her!

Forget Me!!

Am I NOT Remarkable enough that people know who I am??

Have they forgot all about my dad?

That I am his oldest???

What the Hell??!!

One of them that spoke to me said I looked just like my aunt, VioletJean… only younger.

And there in lays the problem!! They think I am my StupidAss Cousin!!!!

OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

And they don’t want to speak to her and the thought buzzin’ thru their brain is “HIDE THE PURSES!!”

There is such a difference between she and I… Night and Day!

Me: Clean and Respectful.

Her: Nasty and Ugly.

They could easily compare us… she sat across from me!!

I have come to the conclusion that I belong to one of the most unfriendly families I have ever encountered!!

A couple of weeks later we all got together again to celebrate my grandparents 65thWedding Anniversary and of course family and friends came by to eat cake and congratulate them.

Everyone of those people spoke to me! I was gonna by God leave my mark on their brains. Asked me who I was and how I was related… I can’t expect all those old folks from the Senior Citizen Center to know me… though they should!

I worked the cake and punch table!  They couldn’t help but speak to me!! Them folks got a good dose of Nadine!!


MizAngie said...

My Daddy used to say people "got a dose" when he meant "a dose of the clap [venereal disease]." Is that kinda what you meant by "dose of Nadine?"


M&Co. said...

If it makes you feel any better, my family is like that, just in smaller numbers.

The Gaelic Wife said...

My sister was the crazy one in our extended family. And since I moved away, they all think of me as the crazy one's snobby sister. We all get titles we don't deserve.

Teresa in KC said...

At least my relatives take 30 seconds to say hello before ignoring me for the next several hours of the family reunion.

Families of origin are a trip. On the bright side, at least we don't have to live with them anymore!