Monday, December 06, 2010

Jack Sprat…

Could he no fat. His wife could eat no lean.

Roy and I went out to eat at the Outback and he ordered a KC Strip. He rarely eats another cut of meat. It’s all I buy to cook at home. Sam’s Club has THE BEST steaks!! Thick and Flavorful! My steaks are so much better that many that Roy has eaten out and cooked professionally.
So the waiter brought Roy’s steak and sat it in front of him. Asked if he needed steak sauce, which if it’s cooked right… NO!!
And Roy just sat there… Looking at this beautifully cooked piece of steak. He was bewildered.
“Dude, What’s up?” I asked.
“It looks funny.”
“What? It looks perfect.”
Oooooh… I see the problem.
“Honey, you just don’t recognize it becuz I cut the fatty ends off and eat them so You get the lean center.”
“Oh! Here you can have these.” cuts them off for me… and all is right in the world.

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