Tuesday, December 07, 2010

In-Law Duty…

So that we’re all on the same page and not so much confusion… I’m not home. I didn’t want to announce that fact to the world just yet. I can’t have every Ho in the county runnin’ after Roy!

My father in-law has had major heart surgery. And as many of you know, Roy and I try to stay as far away as possible from his family… parents is more like it.

Sweet people really… but still. Too Churchy! And becuz we stay away, no news is good news. Unless your dad has major heart surgery. And Roy’s siblings were not a fountain of information. I mean really!

“Daddy, having surgery in the morning.” and “Dad’s in ICU.” didn’t cut it with me. I wanted details. I wanted to know how many bypasses. Did they fix the leaky valve? What frickin’ hospital? We knew virtually nothing.

So I said to Roy, “What do you think about me going to stay with your mother?”

He looked at me like I was crazy! “Are you serious? Stay with MY mom?”

I didn’t see the problem. I have relatives that make HIS mom look like a pussy cat… HIS mom is a cakewalk!! I can take some of the burden off his sister and help QueenVictoria get along while RoySr is the hospital. I’m good with little old ladies.

I do not see a problem.

“Well, she’s never come unglued on you.” In the past, with that OTHER WIFE, Roy had to throw his mom out of his house! I wonder what started that…all I know is, it was about that OTHER WIFE!

Now why would she ever do that to me? I haven’t done anything to suffer the wrath of QueenVickie!

Sure I can’t be me around her… but still.

All the way to OKC, he said, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Of course!

Since being here, I have managed to break the garage door spring thingy… totally not my fault.

Replace a bad answering machine… shitty thing hasn’t worked in years. It needed to be replaced. Merry Christmas to QV and RoySr.

And I am basically, QueenVickie’s personal secretary that cooks and does laundry… everything, right down to pluckin’ chin hairs.

And right now I need to be sewin’ on her jammie!

Tomorrow, I am to do a stint at the hospital. Roy’s sister has to go back to work.

Roy said, “You want me to come?? When?? Now you’re just getting’ pushy!”

I don’t he’s ready for me to come home.

By the way, RoySr is doing well.


Lin said...

Aw that's totally sweet of you to go spend some time with your in-laws while he's in the hospital. My husbands sister is the same way with information, she only gives out the bare minimun & if you want more it's like pulling teeth.

You're good karma points are stacking up ;)

MizAngie said...

You better quit while you're ahead and take your ass home.

It's a good thing I'm in Texas and you're in northern Oklahoma or I woulda been all over some Roy! hahahahaha...

Becca said...

Can you come and be my momma when you are done? I can use some mommying!

You are doing what is right for you, and I am glad that you did it.

Hope that all is well with your fil. Email me or text me if you need to vent!