Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Family Gatherings…

Some where along the way, my family has fallen apart. I know when some people have left. I didn’t know others did. And I’m caught off guard by that.

My mother is out again. She’s made bad choices all her life, so why should that change now?

My brother didn’t show up for dinner… his dumb bitch wife was hateful to ALL of us when we went to tour Their new home… remember the fire? Bub wasn’t there so she was hateful. I suppose it’s only fair… we are hateful to her.

My aunt must have the good drugs becuz she was so zoned out at dinner table, she didn’t even join in the conversation.

My StupidAss Cousin and her children DOMINATED the room. They smell. They are loud. And Rude.

My Grandpa was so cold he kept bitchin’ about it while the rest of us were wanting to strip off all our clothes becuz the house was too frickin’ hot to breathe!

I text Roy, “Scooter needs to call!”

And he did!!!

I was outta there so fast I didn’t even take home any leftovers!!

Is it any wonder I haven’t had a good night’s sleep? I may not sleep good again until after Christmas!


Lin said...

Ha, I think we may have the same annoying family!

MizAngie said...

That Scooter's a good ol' boy.