Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventures In VickySittin’…

My Father In-Law had the heart surgery and the whole family had him at death’s doorstep… Like Modern Medicine is Just a Load of Crap. Sure it’s a major thing and things can go wrong… But RoySr has come thru it well.

But let’s back up a bit…

When Scooter called and we were getting’ ready to leave at Thanksgiving, Roy’s sister said, “Tell your father good bye. It could be the last time.”

And we left QueenVictoria cryin’ in the driveway.


So when it was certain that RoySr was going into surgery, I volunteered to help out with his mom. I knew full well what I was dealin’ with and I knew she would be sittin’ home alone cryin’ the entire time RoySr was in the hospital. All that will do is cause her to have health problems. So I went to OKC to stay with my mother in-law.

carrie-nation-1-sized Meet my mother in-law… Carrie Nation.

I made the mistake of jokin’ about bar hoppin’ and I got a temperance speech that literally made me sweat!!! Like a Whore in Church!!! And truth be told, I haven’t had a drink since Dec3rd!!

Though Carrie Nation actually looks like some one from my family! Squat and Stern. I wonder if her hair hangs down her back? One of my grandmother’s hair was 4foot 6inches!! And she was 4foot 6inches!!


The first few days was fine. We got along fine. She wanted something done I did it. No problem. We plucked chin hairs and I told her she had one just like mine… attached to my butt. She just laughed.

But SuperMoodyBitch was lurkin’ about… my period was comin’ soon.

I stopped takin’ my antidepressant becuz it made me feel worse and even more depressed… so I stopped. NOT A GOOD TIME TO STOP!

She wanted to drive, I said no. It was dark and she has no business drivin’ at night. And she squirmed the whole way home and squealed when a car in front of us changed lanes. No fear of danger in anyway, she just squealed. But when we got home and she screamed for me to STOP!!! That was just about all I could take. I was parking the car in the garage. I’m not an idiot, I can do that. I may not have a garage but I can park a car in one. Don’t ask me to back it in but forward… no big deal.

She screamed STOP!!!!! She thought I was about to knock her mirror off!!!!

And you know what I did? Guess what I did to my mother in-law after she screamed at me??

I laughed at her and said, “the force is strong in this one.” She has no concept of the reference but you do and that’s all that matters.

I promptly called Roy to come and get me or I would unleash the SuperMoodyBitch and I will kill her... Like Doc Holiday, my hypocrisy only goes so far.


The Gaelic Wife said...

You showed such restraint! Congrats, you supermoodybitch you!

MizAngie said...

She has no idea how close to disaster she came, or that her baby boy saved her ass. It's a Christmas miracle.