Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Whole Reason…

Roy loves to hunt. I’ve told you that many times. He hunted with his ex-family and when he divorced them, there went his hunting fun.

I told he didn’t need to ditch them just becuz he wasn’t married to their daughter, that’s just silly. He was afraid that they wouldn’t be so forgiving. Some People need to practice what they preach! Forgive and Forget!

But anyway, he didn’t have a place to hunt. Over time, he struck up a friendship with StupidAss Eddie, or he came with my friend and we just put up with him is more to what happened.

Eddie said Roy could hunt. Roy was over the moon!

What Eddie didn’t realize is just how much Roy loves to hunt and that Roy has the good toys. All the neato hunting stuff that men use to hunt proper… Eddie did not.

And everything with Eddie is a competition. EVERYTHING! So of course hunting turned into a competition… who could get the biggest rack and spend the least amount of money. Meaning Eddie used his cheap crappy guns and gear. He had good deer but he was more picky about what he “harvested”. Roy didn’t care about the rack, he wanted to make a good shot and put meat in the freezer.

So this year, Roy made a great shot on a little buck that had one antler missing. One Shot One Kill. He sent me a photo of it. Right behind the ear!

He sent the same photo to Eddie. And he said, “are you not proud of the rack? How many points?” Not one word about the shot. And then Eddie said, “So I guess you’re done hunting.”

Pissed Roy Off Smooth! He can still shoot a doe. But No!!

Roy gutted the deer and loaded it up. Drove over to Eddie’s house, took his gate keys and tied them to Eddie’s door.

Done! No more hunting… the only reason to be “friendly” was to hunt.

4 days without a word from Eddie. I didn’t even get a text from Loretta about Thanksgiving or my birthday… Done.

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Katy said...

good riddance to that terrible man! Some things just aren't a competition!