Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Someone Has A Sugar Daddy!!!

Spa Day!!
I had a good time. Though I was pissed about the acrylic nails. And those bastards took 2 hours! I was done at 11:30 and Loretta wasn’t done until 1:30!!!!
My massage was hurtful. The gal said, “you sure have some knots!”
Let’s see what has caused that… all the drama that is Eddie and Loretta and Roy fallin’ in a hole. Uhm, Yep! I’ve got some tension!
But the thing that pissed me off the most was lunch.
I took Loretta to the OliveGarden. I told the waitress to bring a sample of the Moscato wine for Loretta to taste. You’d thought I told the waitress to give Loretta a roofy so I could fuck later!! I thought Loretta and I were gonna have a knock down drag-out over a sample of wine.
Loretta held her hand up, “no I don’t like wine.”
Both the waitress and I said almost simultaneously, “Oh this is good wine and it’s super sweet. You’ll like it.” 
What I said was more put out than what the waitress said. I was getting’ frustrated with Loretta. And I wondered what the big deal was becuz I was drivin’ and I ordered a tea. She could have a glass of wine and lunch and not be fazed by it. Though she’s a lightweight. But still.
I wanted to enlighten her, broaden her horizons. Make her into a well rounded person.
That’s not gonna happen.

The waitress poured her about half a glass. And Loretta was like “that’s some sample!”
“It’s good, you’ll like it,” we both said.
“I can smell it!” Loretta said like if she can smell it, that makes it strong or something.
When she said that, I wanted to grab the glass and throw it in her face and say “Duh! Its called a bouquet you stupid bitch!”
She’s a school teacher that prides herself with teachin’ kinneygartener how to read and yet she has no knowledge of current events, whether it be Hollywood or WashingtonDC. She thinks its cool to live life in a bubble of ignorance. That’s just sad.

And the second she put lips on the glass and tasted it, “Yum that is good!”
I think I said it out loud, I know I was thinkin’ it, “No Shit!”

And for the life of me, This is something I don’t understand. Loretta thinks it’s okay to tell people that Roy paid for her spa day… like he’s her sugar daddy.
I’m the one. It’s my name on the credit card receipt. I’m the one that bought her motorcycle gloves, good bras, lunches, and her spa day.
I have had enough.
It’s been a month since all these events took place and I haven’t talked to her since.
I will not extent an invitation for her to go do anything. Eddie has taken to be an asshole to Roy for no apparent reason and I thrilled by it. The less we have to do with them the better off Roy and I are.

No more drama. I have blocked her from my status updates becuz while I was in Texas she took it upon herself to monitor me. One day when she came home from work, she took her laptop out to Roy who was workin' on her house, and she said, "would you like to know what your wife is doing?" And ratted me out about going to the biker bar!!
Whatta ho!
Roy didn't care. But I think I should be the one to tell him no matter what it is... Bitch!

And another thing... the little boy cried through the meetin' with the SoccerPeople and was punished by missin' 3 team functions. Which amounts to 2 practices and 1 game... big whoop! Do I think the little brat needs to be labeled a sex offender? no. But he needs to know that is not acceptable behavior!

And that is the end of StupidAssEddie and Loretta story... it's time! We need to get back the humor that is Me and Roy.


Princess Of All said...

Yes, let us wash our hands of these people. You deserve so much better hon. You are a wonderful friend and you need wonderful friends.

I am thumbing my nose in her general direction.

MizAngie said...

I'm sick of Eddie and Loretta. It's hard to imagine people that backward and stupid, but I know some very similar. Eddie's probably mad at Roy for Loretta talkin' about him like he's her sugardaddy. His idiot self has probably talked himself into thinking they're having an affair or something. Jealous idiot. He must have a teeny tiny pecker.