Monday, November 22, 2010

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen…

Nobody knows but Jesus… well okay everyone knows about my PC problems!

I have an HP that is 6 years old. I've crippled along with it the last 3 years. It’s sooooooo slow. Roy, spoilin’ me as he does, told me he’d buy me a laptop after we took care of other more pressin’ things, like tires for his truck and my car, and a dishwasher, and a new toaster.

Yes a new toaster. It’s like everything we have decided to die at once. The microwave, the AC, we had to roof the house, and let’s not forget we had to replace the black powder rifle! We bought Roy new glasses… which I think is the real reason he had such a bad time huntin’ the last two years but if he wants to blame the guns… fine.

So we go down to the BestBuy and let them fix me up with a brand spankin’ new Toshiba laptop straight from Japan!!! Well okay it says China on the bottom but still. If you are gonna buy electronics they MUST COME FROM JAPAN! I went down once to buy a DVD player… my first… and I turned every box upside down to find out where it was made and when I found “Made in Japan” I bought that sucker! Damn the price!  That Panasonic Never let me Down!

Hell’s Bells, Our beloved Toyota was made in Japan… not like the newer models. Though funny thing, Roy will not buy a Japanese Motorcycle!!! Silly I know!!

But I have a Toshiba Laptop. It lived for 6 months and blink! It went black! The motherboard had to be replaced. Just like that! I didn’t drop it. I didn’t do anything that would make the motherboard to be damaged!! When I got back from the shop, I noticed the battery didn’t work like it had before goin’ in to the GeekSquad but didn’t really think to run it back in to them. No. I let it go until one day it went black again! 3months later another motherboard!!

I’m not happy. At. All.

So I’m back to the GrannyHP while the laptop is in the shop. I was sittin’ at the desk farmin’ with the cats playin’ under my feet. No biggy. They do it all the time.

And the GrannyHP went black!

What the Hell??!!!

One of the cats stepped on the button on the battery backup thingy and cut the power off. HUGE BIGGY!!!!

I couldn’t get it to come back on! It was stuck in a constant loop of the black screen that says, “your pc was shut down and you may open in 28secs…”

So I loaded her up and took the old GrannyHP to the local nerds… not the GeekSquad. They have long lines and one of my pc’s already. Let’s not confuse the issue.

Roy came home and said, “Let’s just go buy another desktop.”


He was not. And he did!

I brought it home and hooked it up and sat down to update everything… all the stuff the GeekSquad didn’t do that I like to do… and that sucker froze up!!!!

After 15 minutes!!!


Imagine my frustration!!

Back to the store, for a completely new desktop!! Even the GeekSquad couldn’t figure out what its problem was, he said get a new one!

So here I sit surrounded by 3 computers… what do I do with 3??


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MizAngie said...

Good grief! Do you have power surges that are messin' with your electronics? I lost a tv like that because of my old house, old part of town, etc. I invested in a heavy-duty surge protector when I bought my replacement tv. So far, so good...