Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mani, Pedi, And My Credit Card…

The day after I came home from Texas, Loretta wanted to go to lunch. She wanted clear the air.

Holy Shit!

I’m not a rehash person. And I didn’t do anything wrong, it was me that had hurt feelings so I wasn’t about to apologize for anything.

For years, I’ve asked Loretta to go places and do things with me. Whether it be shoppin’ or go for lunch or whatever… that’s what friends do. But my friend’s husband is an asshole and wouldn’t allow her to go.

Allow Her To Go!!

Once I suggested that we go to see Reba when she was at Country Fever. It would be something we all could do. A harmless concert. It’s Reba!!! Eddie sat there and looked me in the eye, held his finger up and swirled it around as if to say “Big Whoop”. I told Loretta, if he doesn’t want to go he can stay home. And she said, “that’s what he’s afraid of. Sittin’ at home while we are out havin’ fun.”

His choice!


So not long after he shit his pants over eatin’ crab legs, and sealed his fate with me, He Allow Her To Go A Casino With A Friend… He didn’t go!!

Let that all sink in… She went somewhere without him. She went to a concert at a casino.

I was crushed! I don’t care that she went with someone else… power to her. I think its super that she got let off her chain. But me, I’m the devil and I can’t go places and do things with Loretta.

And when he wanted to “treat me” and let her go to the Mall with me, I had to let him fuck her in my pool.

That was all she wrote!


And I told Loretta all that. That I was hurt. That it’s not right that he treats me like I’m the devil. She agreed. “He’s workin’ on it.”

Oh Really!

I thought I would just test his personal growth… see how much he had lightened up.

“Let’s get our nails done. A girls day with manis and pedis.” She liked that idea. During the summer, Eddie wouldn’t let her do it with me.

And then I said, “and we can take the kids and go to Branson.” She liked that idea. Eddie didn’t want to take the kids to Branson becuz he would have to A) spend time with them and B) spend money on them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason he wanted the kids was to keep Loretta tied to him.

“And then the men could black powder hunt on the followin’ day. Everybody’s happy.” She liked that idea. Eddie doesn’t hunt with a bow, there’s tree climbin’ involved and he’s a chicken shit bastard that’s too scared to climb the tree. He doesn’t hunt black powder becuz Roy told him his gun is a piece of shit and he’s afraid of it. He doesn’t hunt with a rifle either… scared of the gun. Seriously. Roy had to give him lessons on shootin’.

So we ladies had it all planned out. Girls Day. Family Day. And Man Day!

Roy was home when we came home. And he wanted to rehash it all again to make sure we were all good. I suffered thru it.

“well why didn’t you go get the manis and pedis done today? you have my credit card!”

Loretta jumps all over that! “As long as we have your credit card, let’s get massages too.”


What The Hell Just Happened??!!!


Lin said...

Wow...maybe people really can change, lol.

The Gaelic Wife said...

[shaking head] No. [still shaking head]

Dawn said...

It really sucks to have a close friend who has a controlling husband. SUCKS!

I hope he has lightened up?!