Friday, November 12, 2010

The Incident…

Now here’s where things get a bit fuzzy for me.

But what I do know about “The Incident.”

But Some History First… When I was a preteen, I was assaulted.

At School.

Durin’ a Boy Scout function.

I didn’t realize it at the time that it was a crime. I was 11 or 12 and I thought that was the way boys acted.

It was okay for them to grab girls.

In the Dark.

In the Bathroom.

The boy was the brother of a boy in my brother’s boy scout pack.

I was not traumatized by it. I can recall it as clear as day but I don’t carry it around with me like a piece of bad luggage.

At the time, I didn’t know it would happen to me several times in the future… with a couple of sexual assaults.

I thought that was the way boys were… until I met TheThug. After that, I didn’t have to worry about being grabbed, de-pants or raped again. And when he left high school, he assigned a “underling” to be my body guard.

Problem solved.

These things happen. More than people think. So many young people do not speak up about it.

I didn’t.

Why? I don’t really know. Mostly I think becuz I didn’t want the boy or boys to get into trouble… Boys will be boys.

Even I believed it… then.

Now… I have a whole new attitude.

Eddie and Loretta believe that if they put their daughter on teams with boys her sports ability will improve. The boys will make her feel the need to compete and not sit on the bench playin’ patty cake with the girls.

Loretta called me one evenin’ just fit to be tied!! She needed to vent and she called me.

Her daughter was de-pants’d at soccer practice. Her daughter was mortified!!! And of course she didn’t want to ever go back.

“Did you call the police?” No.

“That’s Assault! You need to contact the police.” It’s the coach’s son.

“So? Were there witnesses?” No.

But we all know WITNESSES are not needed!!

Especially not when you have a 10 year blubberin’ about havin’ her nekked fanny out at soccer practice!!

“Are you prepared to pull her from the team?”

Now this is where I just wanna slap a hairlip on her… she said, “no.”

“Loretta this your daughter and she has just been assaulted and humiliated and you want to keep her in a situation where she doesn’t want to be becuz of a stupid sport? Do not fail her. Call the police station in the mornin’ and get this tended to immediately.”

I thought it was sound advice.

Bare with me… There’s more.

But I want to make sure I have everything in order.

I had a fleetin’ thought once that I might not be paintin’ a fair picture of StupidAss Eddie and Loretta but when I’m done with this little tale, you’ll see EXACTLY what I see.


Katy said...

These people are really too much. I'm also deeply concerned about boys who think it's OK to de-pants a girl at ten years old.

I have a feeling I won't like the rest of this story.

MissBeth said...

i agree with you on this, call the police, make sure it never happens again, and keep that child in a safe environment.

Princess Of All said...

I hear ya about being PUSHED last time. This time...slow and easy and let what comes come.

Eddie and Lorretta...they need serious help girl. Good for you for standing up for this little girl.

The pill did the same for me. And it will hurt your weight loss. I gained 25 lbs on mine. But hey, I was not crying...LOL! I have been off and happy for 6 months now. YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

NO ONE should have to endure being treated like that. Shame, shame, shame on Eddie and Loretta for not defending their daughter.

I'm so mad I can't see straight, and I have a feeling I'll be even madder when I read the next installment.

Teresa in KC

The Gaelic Wife said...

Good advice. So how did it end?

MizAngie said...

I can't wait to hear the end of this. It's unbelievable that they wouldn't at least confront the kids' parents about this. There are parts of "women's lib" that I don't like - and girls competing on boys teams and vice versa(once they're past the age of 7) is something I don't like. Boys are different from girls and instead of trying to make the world unisexed we should celebrate the differences. I'm never ever gonna be able to pee standin' up (without making a mess on my shoes) and until I can I won't be able to do the same things men can. Yea! They can't do what I can do, either. And frankly, what my body can do is WAY cooler than pissin' standing up. Loretta and Eddie are ignorant and I don't see how you stand to be around 'em. BLECH.