Monday, November 15, 2010

Huntin’, Men, And The Incident…

Yep, It’s deer season. I told Roy I would buy him a new black powder rifle becuz his old trusty Daniel Boone style has let him down the last 2 years.
So off to the BassPro Shop we go… the mothership of BassPro’s… the one in Springfield Mo! The Grandaddy!! You all know I’m not a fan of Bass Pro. But Roy was just a happy as a pig in mud! And that’s all that matters.
When we got home with it, he cleaned it and fired it and cleaned it and fired it… it’s what men do. And he pulled out his old blackpowder and cleaned it and fired it and cleaned it and fired it… And came to the conclusion that it was just needed to be cleaned to fire accurately.
What?? Clean more??? You have got to be kiddin’ me??!!! He cleans it after every shot!! But whatever… he takes both guns with him when he hunts. He’s happy and I have deer in the freezer… Win Win.
Roy called Eddie to make sure who all was huntin’ openin’ day of black powder when the conversation turned to “The Incident.”
And Roy started pacin’ the floor! I knew that StupidAss Eddie was tellin’ bad news.
Turns out They didn’t contact the police and they were gonna let the soccer people handle it.
Now that is just all kinds of color of wrong.
And Roy said, “Man, of all the things you get riled up about, This is something you should be mad over! Your daughter was assaulted!”

So let me refresh your memory: Eddie is uncomfortable with his wife havin’ a harmless massage. But his daughter can be assaulted at SoccerPractice.

What is fucked up with this picture??
Stay tuned… There’s more.
There’s always more.


billieryder said...

As much as I love your stories about Eddie and Loretta - they are hilariously funny in a sad way....

Do you really need this drama in your life?

Territory Mom said...

OMG, I'm speechless.

♥Georgie♥ said...

you losy me at Bass pro...okay going baCK TO REALLY READ lol

♥Georgie♥ said...

oH MY THERE IS no WAY TO COMPLETELY CLEAN A BLACK POWDER....I know i live this....okay going to read more...LOL

♥Georgie♥ said...

and lastly yes that phucked up!!!!!