Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Get Back JoJo!!!

So my mom spent time in the hospital. They ran all sorts of test but couldn’t come up with one single thing that caused her to go off her nut. They think maybe stress. No stroke. No seizure. Clean bill of health… she just went off her nut.

Insanity runs in our family.

The day she went into the ER, my brother, sister, and I were right there by her side… as we should be.

I have often wondered about what I would do when I get the call becuz of our relationship. You know “The Call”.

Would I go?

And If I do Do I take my pillow?

My mom told me years ago that she didn’t want to be hooked up to life support. She knew that RubyJune wouldn’t be able to “unplug” the machine. That I was to bring my pillow and snuff her out. “Becuz I know you would do it!”

Doesn’t that say a lot about our relationship?

I didn’t take my pillow. I did take a change of underwear just in case I needed to stay overnight. I am the only one that doesn’t have kids to take care of, I could stay with her.

And then JoJo showed up.

JoJo is my mom’s friend. They’re not gay… I think my mom is done with that. JoJo is younger than my sister and mom treats her like one of the family. We’ve referred to JoJo as the baby sister. RubyJune hates her. HAAAYYTES!!! Her!! JoJo is full throttle drama.

I didn’t know this.

I didn’t know that JoJo felt that she knew my mother better than I did… I do now.

And that just pisses me off. There isn’t a soul on this planet that can tell me that they know my mom better than I do… not one!

When JoJo showed up, she set up camp. She was takin’ over! She was determined to stay the entire time Mom was in the hospital. And instead of havin’ a knock down drag-out over my mother while she lays in a hospital bed becuz of stress, I just took my panties and went home. It was one of my adult moments. I didn’t want to cause any further problems for Mom.

My sister told Mom that certain people weren’t comin’ to visit her becuz of JoJo but my mom didn’t tell JoJo to leave.

When Mom and I go to Texas to see her niece who is the same age as she is… they are more like sisters than Aunt and Niece… Mom tells her niece what a wonderful thing it was for JoJo to stay with her. Everyone else left. But JoJo stayed. She told that story twice… INSANE! She’s INSANE.

We were watchin’ “The Secret Life of Bees”… and of course its about a daughter that was abandoned by her mother. I told mom she couldn’t pick the movies anymore. “Why not?”

“I have mother issues!”

You’da thought I made her suck on a lemon!!

“Can we watch “The Color Purple” or do you have sister issues?”

“As a matter of fact, I do! And I can’t watch it either.” The whole separation of the sisters from each other just rips me in two. I love my sister. I hate being away from her. I can’t replace her.

My mom wants to write her “memoirs”. But RubyJune doesn’t want her to do it. I told her to do it, “what would it hurt? You have other kids.”

On the way home, I told her that I would have stayed with her if JoJo hadn’t forced herself into the situation. “I was not about to make you worse. I was not gonna have a pissin’ contest with her. Gettin' you well was the most important thing on my mind.”

She stopped throwin’ JoJo in my face.

Within a week of comin’ home, RubyJune had her fill of JoJo. And she drew a line in the sand.

It was gonna be RubyJune or JoJo, Mom couldn’t have both. JoJo had overstepped her boundaries and butted into family business becuz she thinks she knows more than we do about our mother and the dynamics of our family. She has no idea who she’s dealin’ with… at all.

I stayed as neutral as possible.

She chose JoJo. My mom loves drama.

RubyJune was hurt. And that made me so sad.

I asked Mom to fix it. She said no.

I thought she would be different after her lesbian lover died. My mother was her puppet. She’s JoJo’s puppet now.

Her “memoirs” … Lies about my dad. She has told people that he was a drunk that beat her all the time. She told RubyJune that he wasn’t even her father!!

She’s insane.

I still have mother issues.

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The Gaelic Wife said...

You're taking the high road. Proud of you. Now just write your own damn memoirs.