Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Accident, Agility And Roy…

I know we are takin’ the long route about the barn with this StupidAss Eddie and Loretta story but some things need to be told and details are needed becuz when they make the movie of my life, These Things Will Be Important! Okay maybe a sitcom is more my style.
2 days before Loretta and I were to have our Girls Spa Day, an accident happened.
I hadn’t been home from grocery shoppin’ at HellMart 30 minutes, when Roy called me. “I’ve been in an accident. I’m fine.”
That’s what he always says. Cuts to the chase and no sugar coatin’!
When he was in a couple of wrecks in his CopCar, “I’ve been in an accident. I’m fine.”
Or when he was in a shoot out, “I’ve been shot at but I’m fine.”
When he had his ankle crushed, his boss came to me at work and said, “Roy’s been in accident. He’s fine.”
This time, Roy said, “I’ve never seen so much blood in my life!”
Holy Shit!!!!!!
And No Sugar Coatin’!!!!!
Very calmly, I asked him if he wanted me to go to the ER. He said no. He always says no.
I never went when he was a cop. In his mind, I didn’t need to be there. Mostly becuz, he’s embarrassed that the accident even happened in the first place. Whether it his fault or not, whether he was shot or not, he’s embarrassed. Men!
When his ankle was crushed, he had to have surgery… a plate and screws had to be put in… He didn’t want me to stay with him overnight after surgery.
But now he’s in the ER and There’s Blood… lots of it. I got in the car and went anyway. Damn his pride, I needed to be there,
What Happened??
The CityBoys were diggin’ a hole to repair a sewer leak. And they have safety equipment that goes in the hole to help prevent a cave-in. Roy says it looks like a cage. They were done and had loaded the “cage” up and Roy was up on the trailer tyin’ it down. When he stepped off the trailer, he stepped backwards one step too far and fell into the hole. He hit his head on a rock on the way down and landed on a sewer pipe on his right backside… kinda twisted like. He was hip deep in sewer with an open head wound gushin’ blood!
We all know that a head wound bleeds profusely. Roy said, it looked like it was just shootin’ out. I envision cattle de-hornin’. When the horn it cut off blood shoots out in pulses.
Okay too gross.
When I got there, Roy was in clean clothes and had a bandage on his head waitin’ for the doctor to look at him. They were deeply concerned that becuz of where the head wound was… on the temple… that he should have an MRI and some X-rays to see if he had cracked ribs. Blood work and a Urinalysis to make sure there wasn’t any kidney damage.
And there sat StupidAss Eddie.
 I was confused at why he was there. Sure it was a job related matter and sure he was Roy’s friend. I do not feel that Eddie is mature enough to separate the two positions of being Roy's boss and being Roy's friend. Eddie didn’t show up at the hospital when Roy had his ankle fixed. And he didn’t show up to check up on him and hear the story of the shootout. Some of the YoungPupCops did! Eddie did not.
And then I was left alone with him while Roy was off havin’ his MRI and X-Rays done. I took out my phone and sent messages out to Facebook and Twitter about Roy’s condition. Answered questions about him.
I was in my own little world.

There’s a line from Tombstone that fits every situation in life and the one that comes to mind is when Doc Holiday sees Johnny Tyler comin’ at Wyatt Earp with a shotgun.
“Why Johnny Tyler?! Mad Cap!…” Doc and Wyatt begin to speak to each other as Johnny Tyler just stands there stupefied that he just took a beat down from Wyatt Earp and lived.
When Doc turns to him and says “Why Johnny, I forgot you were there. You may go.”
Eddie had been talkin’ to me the whole time and I just ignored him. The one sided conversation turned to “The Incident”.
And I swear to All That Is Good and Holy, Eddie said this, “The Alleged Incident.”

That Son of A Bitch!!! Piece of Shit!!

He has failed his daughter.

So what exactly is he “workin’ on”?
It’s not being a good father.
And by the way, we didn’t go to Branson for 2 reasons, One being Roy’s accident. And the other, Eddie didn’t want to spend the money to take the kids to SilverDollarCity!
But I’m payin’ for his wife’s spa treatment… I’m not impressed by his personal growth so far.

Roy had 3 stitches put in his head and returned to work the day Loretta and I went to the spa. He was sore as he could be and still 3 weeks later uses a heatin’ pad on his side. His head wound healed nicely. I was worried that he had some brain injury becuz he couldn’t remember certain things. Eddie and Loretta were afraid that Roy was losin’ some of his agility… he fell in a hole. What does that have to do with his graceful catlike abilities??

OOOOh wait, see.
I forgot something.
Roy fell in the hole on a Tuesday. He helped Eddie and EddieSr work on the bailer on Sunday. And becuz EddieSr is old and Eddie is a chickenshit bastard, neither could climb up on top of the bailer to loosen a bolt. So Roy did. Roy pushes and pushes on the bolt and when it broke over from the full force of his body weight, he fell from the top of the bailer…. landin’ on his feet though a bit awkwardly. And rollin' over to his back.
And laid there.
Workin' shit out.

So Eddie thinks that becuz of Roy’s age, he is losin’ his agility… Doing something for him that he’s a coward to do.
Ungrateful Bastard.

With Friends like them, Who needs Enemies?


Princess Of All said...

I do not like this man one little bit. And Roy is AWESOME!

Tracie said...

WOW! I like it better when you were done with those two! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Must.....control...fist...of ....death!

The hell with that, let me at Eddie!

Teresa in KC