Monday, October 11, 2010

Been Trippin…

With my momma!

And we had fun!!

What?? You want details???

Purdy Damn Nervy of you to want details…


I have housework to catch up on.

Teasers… I met MzAngie!

I made a trip to the state hospital for lunatics.

I went to a biker bar without Roy!

And have I ever, in the history of this blog, mentioned to you that I have mother issues??

Has that slipped out???

I still have them!!

They are just not as important anymore.

On the HomeFront… Roy was all along for 5 or 6 days.

I have developed issues with him and his mowin’ and lack there of!!!

And I had lunch with Loretta… there were tears and I almost died.

Details, I know. You want details.

All in good time!


The Gaelic Wife said...

Yeah, I'm a bit nervy to want details. But, hey, what's a girl to do without the good parts?

Princess Of All said...

How exciting that you met Mz Angie!
I am glad you did not die. And I am glad the Texas Zombies did not eat you in cemetery and I am glad they did not admit you to the insane hospital.