Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meetin’ A BlogBuddie!!!

A year ago… wait. Let’s back up further…

As I was goin’ on my blog walks, I kept seein’ the comments by MizAngie57. And they were funny comments!! MizAngie57 had the same sorta sense of humor as me. So I had to visit her blog to see more… And I was hooked.

Over the years we have chatted back and forth… thru the blogs… thru emails… She followed me and I followed her. We had crossed over the line between “blog commenter” to friends. We’ve sent gifts back and forth and we poke fun at each other. We  have been known to cry “together”. Never actually meeting each other.

Last year, she tried to get her duck in a row to come to Oklahoma with her Football team… it didn’t work out.

I tried to get together with her when Roy and I went to Galveston for our cruise… it didn’t work out.

So when I told her I was goin’ to Texas with my mom… I was Hell-bent to meet her face to face. She told me she’d drive the hour to meet me.

I love her. I wished she lived next door. I don’t know how many times I have done something or gone somewhere and thought, “Angie would love that!”

When I told her that face to face, do you know what she said? You’ll never guess!

“You’d drive me crazy! ‘oh god here she comes again’ !”

We drank margaritas. We laughed. We talked about sex. And we laughed some more… we even peed together.

Best Friends Forever!

Letter Number 12…

To someone that I hate or has caused me lots of pain…



Let’s check the list:







You know about my cousin, Eddie, EarlLee, theThug, and I’m not writin’ about the ADA or the kids.

So… pass.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trippin’ With Mom…

I asked Mom when we’re loadin’ up the car if she had a map. “Oh No, I know it by heart!”

I’m not sure but I think it’s my navigator’s fault for me not turnin’ on the right roads or missin’ an exit. Becuz no matter where me and my passenger go, we always get lost.

Call me crazy but I think my navigators do not pay attention to where we’re goin’!!

Someone that’s been to Texas Umpteen Bazillion times should know the way blindfolded!

“Oh No, I know it by heart!”

I’m thinkin’ it was becuz my mom talked the ENTIRE WAY to Texas. It’s a 5 1/2hr drive and she talked the whole way!!!!

Once while we were lost, we stopped in some Podunk store for her to go pee and she came out with FRESH BAKED BROWNIES… Freshly baked in India 6 months ago and shipped to Oklahoma!!! They tasted like shoes smell!! I kid you not!

Thank God!! She bought vinegar and salt pork rinds to kill all that icky brownie taste in my mouth!

So after being lost in Oklahoma, and the history she has had with Paris, Texas, she called her niece for directions to get thru Paris.

“Oh No, I know it by heart!”

It’s not a big town. But once she was stuck on the loop around Paris and circled 3 times before stoppin’ and askin’ for directions.

Her niece told us to stay on Hwy 19… just a little bit on 19.

After driving 8 miles I began to get a bit nervous. To me a little bit means a mile or two. But this is Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas!

Mom said, “don’t get your panties in a wad. We’ll come to the turn in a bit. We’re not lost. I know where you are and you know where I am and I’m not lost.”


“Oh No, I know it by heart!”

Turns out a bit in Texas is 22 miles!!

When we drove to Gainesville, I asked my cousin, “Is everything in Texas an hour away?” Every time we went somewhere it took us and hour or more to get there!!

Ask MzAngie!! She had to drive an Hour Just To Come See Me!!!

In Oklahoma, everything is 20 minutes away. I kid you not!

Except Tulsa… it’s an hour from me.

Well when we finally came to an area that Mom actually knew by heart, it was all good. We arrived safe and sound to the Lake Tawakoni area… which is translated into DumbBlonde and called Lake Mini Tonka Truck.

Numerous time.

Hey! You see things one way and I see things in a whole different light!

And that’s just the drive down…

Monday, October 11, 2010

Been Trippin…

With my momma!

And we had fun!!

What?? You want details???

Purdy Damn Nervy of you to want details…


I have housework to catch up on.

Teasers… I met MzAngie!

I made a trip to the state hospital for lunatics.

I went to a biker bar without Roy!

And have I ever, in the history of this blog, mentioned to you that I have mother issues??

Has that slipped out???

I still have them!!

They are just not as important anymore.

On the HomeFront… Roy was all along for 5 or 6 days.

I have developed issues with him and his mowin’ and lack there of!!!

And I had lunch with Loretta… there were tears and I almost died.

Details, I know. You want details.

All in good time!