Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Shoes, Purses, And Couches…

There was an argument  the other day about my shoppin’ habits.

What the Hell??!!'

He accused me of spendin’ all his money.

We’re not even gonna touch that “HIS MONEY” comment… That’s just a horse of a different color! Whole ‘nother rant!

Sure I have umpteen bazillion shoes and several I haven’t even worn.

Sure I have umpteen bazillion purses and one I haven’t taken the tags off.

All bought at a resale shop or off the clearance rack.

And I have several hundred articles of clothing… mostly panties. And they are my huge expense… bought at Victoria’s Secret.

But spendin’ all his money???

I spent $3 on the last pair of shoes… and they are so cute!! Red Polka dots high heeled sandals… so cute!! $3!!!

I found a Coach bag at a garage sale for $7!!!! Can you believe that??? $7!!!!!

But what brought on the whole “spend all his Money” comment was when I said I wish I knew of a used furniture store.


Has it sunk in that I’m a bargain shopper??

We bought our livin’ room set 17 years ago. It’s so trashed. Cat hair aside… The kids had a food fight while I was at work and cream colored sofa and love seat was the battle field. The arm of the love seat was damaged during the battle. Roy sits on the love seat all the time so it’s got that man hole in it. I would love to get rid of it. I would have to replace it the same day I pushed it out in the yard.

And freakin’ burn it!!

That’s what he did to my lawn furniture!! And then told me the neighbor’s stole it… He confessed.

Jesse told me she would help me haul it off but she was not about to burn Roy’s couch. “That’s not a line I’m gonna cross!”

Me? Spend all his money?? He’s the one that wants to put in a hot tub. And don’t think he’ll be happy with one of those $1500 ones either! We’ve looked at one that was closer to $15,000!

That’s frickin’ 4 cruises!!!

Me?? Spend all his money???!!!

We all like nice things but come on! Let’s be reasonable!!

I just want a good couch and a recliner for him. My granny has a chair that I want. It’s a really nice chair. It’s huge. It’s heavy. And I can’t fit it in my car or I’d already have in my house and Roy’s couch burned to the ground!

Do you know where she got it?? You’ll never guess where… from the dump!! It’s a really nice chair!!!


Zip! Zilch! Nada!!

Now that Bub’s house burned, I’m sure he’ll take it. I can live with that.

Tell me, I spend all his money… Roy Hightower has another think comin’!


♥Georgie♥ said...

I love how thrifty you are! my sofa 'used' to be a 8 piece sectional now it is a 3 piece sectional LOL I have had it for almost 20 years...I think it is time I get an upgrade

The Gaelic Wife said...

We've got a man hole in our couch where Mr. Gaelic sits so bad that it's worn a whole in the leather the size of his butt. Why not start charging Roy for what you do? Childcare, line cook, sous chef, laundress, chauffeur, etc. Then it won't be so much "his" money.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that Roy knows by now...


Teresa in KC

Katy said...

I swear, I think all men are like that. . . what they buy is a neccessity, what we buy is "spending too much money." Next time he starts in on money, ask him how much all that huntin gear costs...