Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mom, Aging, And Tramp Stamps…

As you know, my mom was in the hospital for havin’ some sorta seizure… they couldn’t tell what happened to her. All those tests and still don’t know have a clue why she was on the bathroom floor and outta her mind.

She’s did this before. When I was 3, I can remember her mom yellin’ at her over the phone as Mom crashed to the floor. And outta nowhere, Grandma came rushin’ in the door to help Mom. Grandma lived 3 miles away. Gram Hauled Ass!!

That was just Mom… she crashes. For no reason. I think it had something to do with a bladder infection.

This last seizure is the first time I had to deal with her being ill. It’s hard to explain, but you could talk to her and she would try to respond but nothing happened. It was like it took time for her brain to process what we told her and then her body didn’t respond.

So my sister and I helped Mom in and outta bed umpteen bazillion times to sit on the commode…haha I got that right! As I helped, I saw my future!

It wasn’t pretty.

Years ago, when I brought home my first baby from the hospital, one of the first things we, my mom, sister, and I do… with any of the babies in the family, is inspect them. You know. Undress them and look for birthmarks… everyone does this. I know it’s not just us.

Well, my mom rolled over EdithAnne onto her stomach and pointed to a small patch of peach fuzz above her bottom, “Oh look she has JohnsonFuzz!”

We all have JohnsonFuzz. Maybe all people have JohnsonFuzz but maybe not. It seemed to be a “POINT” with her. A Cool Thing to her. She was so proud of it.

I’ve always wanted a tramp stamp. But was afraid to loose my JohnsonFuzz. Silly I know. I know people with Tats are not hairy people so it makes me wonder if hair doesn’t grow on a tattoo. And since my JohnsonFuzz is fine fuzz, surely I’d loose it… It’s mine. I don’t want to lose it!

And Roy’s not keen on tattoos.

And ReRe won’t let me get one either.

It’s Okay ReRe. I’ve seen my future… my mom’s 62 year old backside complete with older JohnsonFuzz and I don’t want a Tramp Stamp any longer.

It’s not pretty!


Princess Of All said...

I am sorry your mom is having problems. I really hope you have an uneventful trip to Texas. Be careful. Big HUgs!

MizAngie said...

Ha! At first I had a mental picture of you with a clump of red hair above your butt-crack. Odd, since I've never seen your butt. And yes, the babies in our family are inspected, also. I remember my brother and SIL inspecting Joe, with my brother's comment that the baby was hung just like his daddy. To which I popped off, "So you and the baby have the same size pecker?" He didn't think it was funny. WhatEVER.

MizAngie said...
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Katy said...

At this point if I were going to get a tattoo, I'd skip the tramp stamp area all together. Although, I don't have any real desire for one.

I have idea what Johnson Fuzz is--I guess I'll have to google that.

Fever can definitely cause a seizure in some people--a wire is crossed somewhere and the fever lets those electrical impulses take advantage.