Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter Number 11…

To a deceased person you wish you could talk to…
This one is simple.
Dear Daddy,
I guess I have to tell you that Mom had to go the hospital. She may have had a stroke maybe just a seizure. Not like those she used have or maybe it’s that she’s older now and doesn’t bounce back as fast. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. She and I are goin’ to Texas in a few weeks. That should be fun.
Bub’s house burned to the point that they had to tear it down. It's sad to see it come down. Not really for Bub but becuz it was Grandma’s house. It was like when Mom sold your car. It finalized everything. All I could think about when I saw your car on the used car lot was, You will be so pissed when you come back and your car is gone! And now Grandma’s house… she’s gone.
Roy made me sign up for a stupid weight loss thing at the gym… people will expect results. I’m not thrilled. I don’t mind goin’ to the gym, I just don’t like being pressured. Kinda like when you made me take swimmin’ lessons and what did they do?? Throw me in the deep end!! And that was the end of that!
He’s only lookin’ out for me. He’s a good man. He told me to mend fences and to stop being so hard headed… like that will happen. But I did. I started with Mom. Not where he wanted me start… at all. He wants his huntin’ buddy back.
Oh well. Tough Shit.
I nearly forgot… RubyJune blew up at Grandpa. He’s still a pill. Some things never change. And Granny is still chooglin’ along.
That’s all I got for now.
Will Miss You Forever,


Billie said...


I wish you had told me my comment button was off. I had NO idea. I had been getting comments from a few people occasionally so I know it was on for some. Hopefully we will be back to participating fully in each others online life.

Well... I will probably stick with WordPress. They were kind enough to import my blog with no effort on my part and I got the basics up and running so I will probably be happy. I am fairly low maintenance.

And I know who Number 11 would have been to for me... Art Kennedy.

Princess Of All said...

This one made me cry.

Sherrie said...

Wow, it's been awhile, this one took my breath away with it's simplicity, just a normal conversation with your Dad. I loved it, makes me think of my Dad. Whom oddly enough passed away when I was 11, was born November 11 (11/11), and died Jan 1, 1971, so many 11's, just felt surreal.

I miss you :)