Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letter Number 10…

To someone that you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to…
Hey CyndiLou,
What has happen to us?
What did I do?
We were so close. You lived with us when your parents needed help gettin’ back on their feet. I always included you  in my slumber parties, birthday parties, skatin’ parties. We camped together and we ski’d together. We shared everything… clothes, boys, and laughter.
You were there when I told everyone I was pregnant… unlike my best friend. The Dumb Bitch!
Sure, I beat the shit outta your brother. He had it comin’ and I have a scar on my chin for it. He threw a chunk of concrete at me.
Sure, we got on each others nerves. I don’t know how to not be annoyin’ as child. Or bossy… I’m first born. I have to be bossy.
I warned you about that boy. I knew he was bad news. But no. You had to find out on your own.
But who were you mad at… me! You weren’t mad at him when he stomped your heart in the ground.
That’s it isn’t it. You think I did something to him. I didn’t send my thugs to do anything to him. If they did something to him, they acted on there own.
And you’ve held that against me for 25 years.
Do I ever cross your mind… ever?


The Gaelic Wife said...

Ouch. Some people are just toxic. Remember that.

Katy said...

I love when you peel back and give us a glimpse into your past.