Thursday, September 16, 2010



Is anybody out there??

I need more than a nod if you can hear me… I need comments.

Or am I just pourin’ my heart out to spammer that want me to enlarge my tool???

Is there anyone home?

Reading this blog??

Am I alone?

Come On.


I hear you’re feelin’ down.

I can ease your pain.

I can get you on your feet again…. at least I thought so.

Give you a giggle… Make you laugh with me.

Laugh at me.


As long as you leave with a smile.

Okay that’s as far as I go with Pink Floyd… I’m not pushin’ dope here. You can get Comfortably Numb on Your Own.

I just need to know you are out there. If what I doin’ is being read.

I’m in an odd spot and I really need my ego stroked... Comments.


Jeankfl said...

You still get more comments than I did last time I still wrote!! LOL I read everyone, but don't comment much... My health hasn't been great for a while, so I just do what I can.. Hope you're doing ok.. I think most people have started reading on FB, or in a reader...Come see me sometime! We have a nice thrift shop out here, now!! (Our auxiliary does)You always know how to make me laugh..

Tracie said...

stroke stroke stroke

Katy said...

You're so silly! We're here. I just come around every couple of days and read several entries at once--that's my style. Some days I'm writing and some days I'm reading.

Mommyfried said...

I have been reading for sometime now. I think you consider me a lurker. I really do enjoy your posts and stories they brighten my day.

Anonymous said...

I check every morning at 5:30 on my way out the door, to my place in the world, an old folks home. Keep blogging and I will keep on reading. Tammy S.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! It's Donene from NM. Feel better?? LOL Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Hello Nadine,

From one Okie girl to another - you rock!

Teresa in KC (formerly in OKC)

The Gaelic Wife said...

I'm here. Are you channeling Pink Floyd? I feel like I need to channel their song Money. I need a job.

bigdogmompam said...

nadine, nadine, nadine . . . you know i love you baby! i'm always here for you . . .

Chief Peep said...

But of course I'm here reading your outpourings! Sometimes I wonder the same thing about my blog, but then realize my readers probably don't want to admit it. lol

Keep 'em coming - I love your blog.