Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Great Debate…

Or at least the one happenin’ now.

Becuz, you know there have been many!

I have no idea how much money is in my checkin’ account. I have an inklin’ of how much is in the nest egg and that’s only becuz we went to EdwardJones together and the EJDude seems to be lookin’ out for me. For some odd reason, he thinks that I will outlive Roy.

Geez, He doesn’t know me too well.

Point being, I am in the dark about our finances. Roy is in charge of that… and I like it that way. I do not pay the bills. I do not balance the checkbook. And becuz of it, Roy and I are debt free. My house is paid for and so is my car… and has been for a long time.

So one day, he was ponderin’ over the checkbook… I don’t really pay too much attention to him when he’s goin’ over the damn thing. Mostly, becuz it’s “why did you buy that?” or “Did you use the credit card or the bank card?” And all it does is make me mad. So I tune him out.

But when he said, “Carpet”, my ears perked up!

New Carpet??!! The carpet in this house is 45 years old!

We are not like normal people.  Normal people, when they buy a house, they paint and add new carpet. Me and Roy, we just live here… I’ll never make Better Homes and Garden. Oh we have remodeled here and there. Only becuz we had to do it!

When I fell thru the kitchen floor… He had to do something.

When you could see the curtains blowin’ in the winter and our monthly propane bill was $350… He had to do something!

I have bitched about this carpet forever. I can’t vacuum it without it snaggin’. And once you’ve snagged it, it just rips more! I can’t move my furniture around… and I really hate that. I like to change it up and give it a good cleanin’ but no. It just rips. And too, Roy hates to move the furniture… that TV is a bitch! All those freakin’ wires!!

I have told him numerous times that if he ever leaves the house for more than 3 days, when he comes home there will be new carpet in this house! Funny. That backfired on me. He’s never left me alone long enough for me to do that.

8 years ago, I dragged him, kickin’ and screamin’ down to the carpet store to look at it. I wanted him at least see what’s available. I want burber and, of course, he doesn’t. And that backfired on me too.

He bought me a Harley instead.

True Story!

So This Time… I went down to the Chevy Dealer to look at new cars.


Billie said...

And hoping to come back with carpet I take it? Sneaky girl you!

Apparently Spaces has asked us to go to WordPress so I am now: billieryder.wordpress.com

Katy said...

I have no idea what to say. I'm cringing here thinking about the ripping carpet.

I think you should get some laminate wood. With all the cats, your Berber would last about five minutes, tops.