Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Can We Talk???

On the Real Housewives shows, whether it be Atlanta or New Jersey, there is someone looking for their birth parents and it raised several questions to me.

1. Why do you want to know your birth parents?

2. What makes you think they want a relationship?

3. If you in fact gave up a child, do you want to track them down?

4. If you in fact gave up a child, Do you want to have a relationship with them now?

I have no desire to judge or editorialize or scratch an old wound. I just want to know the whys and what fors. Educate me.

I understand being a pregnant teen… Been there. Done that.

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The Gaelic Wife said...

I have friends who have a child through open adoption. Although I don't know how much interaction there is between the birth parents and the child at this point.