Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Laptop Went To The Shop…

So I was just sittin’ there on the couch Homesteadin’ my heart out when my 6 month old Toshiba laptop went black!

No warning!

No power surge or lightnin’!

Just Black and Dead!

So I plugged it in thinkin’ the battery needed charged… no!


I took the battery off. Nothing.

There’s no reset button or nothing… JUST DEAD!!

Roy took notice of my cussin’ and distress instantly!! He said, without hem hawin’ around, “So I guess we’re goin’ to town tomorrow!”


Damn Straight!!

6 months old!!!!!

Turns out it had a defective motherboard! MOTHERBOARD!!!!

What the Hell?!?!?

I love the Geek Squad. They had it for a little over 2 weeks… one THE longest 2 weeks of my life!!!

Remember Dial-up?? That’s what my desk top PC is like… with it’s slowass granny panties on it loads pages… with errors… I have to refresh over and over and over…

I managed to blog for 5 years on the old girl but after drivin’ a Porsche of PC’s, it was hard to get back behind the wheel of that old Ford LTD!!

Have you ever driven a Ford LTD??

I have!

It was a ‘78 Black with a Orange Racing stripe wrapped around it. That car was more temperamental than me! I referred to her as the Old Black Bitch!  She was hard to start when she got hot. She was long and had no A/C, so I was always misjudgin’ her nose and hittin’ things and she was hot to drive… I hated that car. But that was EarlLee’s kinda car.

She finally died… Luckily in the Driveway... EarlLee replaced her with a ‘76 Ford Grand Torino Elite. It was Christmas Tree Green with white interior. It was THE Top of the Line in Elites. It was my 3rd Elite. I was lucky enough… if you want to call it that… to have had each Engine size that Ford put in ‘76 Elites. I bought more parts for all of them than you can shake a stick at. I know the difference in the  351Windsor, and the 351Cleveland!

The Green Bomb was in the shop all the time! I lost track of how many times that car was on the rollback!

I got rid of EarlLee and Roy got rid of the Green Bomb!

So I guess what I’m gettin’ at here is I was deeply disappointed in my Toshiba Laptop. It should be able to withstand me. I’m not hard on it by any means. I am on it a lot but still… It hasn’t been abused. It didn’t take one of those brown outs that we get at least 3 times a week like the Fridge and Window A/C takes! It should last as long as my GrannyPC! Which is 6 years old!!

It didn’t cost me anything but frustration and stress that I MIGHT HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO IT.

Shit just happens to me. It really does.

That’s why I’m not allowed to swim without a buddy… I slipped on the steps of the ladder gettin’ in the pool. As I’m fallin’ towards the water, I’m thinkin’, “This is where I hit my head and drown.”

And come to think of it… we even had the ‘76 Ford Ranchero. It was Red with a Huge Purple Racing Stripe. Roy and I called it Nadine!!


♥Georgie♥ said...

I wouldnt let you drown!

Sherrie said...

Good thing you have built in water wings. Maybe you can buy "pool helmets" somewhere, pink might be nice!

Glad you have your puter back :)

Katy said...

I had my Toshiba for three years now. We killed the disc drive, but I'm pretty sure that's my fault. Other than that, it's worked fine. Yours must have had a lemon motherboard.

Territory Mom said...

You find humor in anything.